Sunday 2314

Yeah so thanks Zoplicone but we dont have a problem falling asleep at 7am and waking up a 4pm. That's already something we mastered. There's a couple of things we wish got round to today but it is okay we will either do them tomorrow or some time after or they wont happen. Kitchen and tidying up garden are main jobs for tomorrow. Bit short on boxes but we can pack gardening stuff inside planters, should give us enough space for kitchen stuff. Its mostly done. Would be good if we could send the some of the donations and their stuff at the road to tomorrow but might not manage.

So gonna be leaving early and leave the guys to it on flitting us, our kettle, milk, tea, slippers and favourite jumper gotta get out early and get the direct train.

Damn it we keeping that last but of twig with a spliff and half on it till we move. So none tomorrow, like usual. We can do this, we will be crazyhappy. Got our bottle for that first night, clean jammies and some of pabs essentials and a ready meal for the first night/morning. Not sure if we can keep the greenage.. Damn a decent q wouldn't of been an issue, txted the guy he just txted back he knew. Bugging but glad its just really bugging and a bit upsetting and not a bit more "oh great so won't be able to sleep, eat, think, feel, speak, self care, look after son, keep kitchen clean or stop crying or have any quality of life for an unknown amount of time" like running out has meant in past..

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