Only almost cried a couple of times today! Mostly over gyn pain, like right now. It's pretty bad. Made it to parents evening. Kinda figured we had to because he's leaving. Lots of the staff wishing us well and saying they would miss the lad and I believe them. He's a happy, polite lad, mostly. It wasnt his Grandad Bill his teacher knows its a Bill on Margo's side. Its gonna get back to the Aberdeen lot where we are going anyway. She didn't seem to comfortable when we mentioned where and used a much more generic "down south" so maybe she won't say she talked a fair bit about families being close though.

It's not like them getting the address. We can't help telling folk anyway. Too chuffed for security, rather them than them hear through horrid authorities anyway. Another member of staff asked if we had family down there ans we said no fresh start and she brave andma Shonagh and literally minutes after the kids were banging on the door and running away again. Shouting shit we didn't catch, more than usual. Whatever.

Think we got a date. And not just a pick up the keys date but an actual getting the fuck out of here one. Wish it was sooner but we gotta watch ourself for overdoing it physically. Plenty time to eat the contents of the freezer and defrost the thing. Really relieved actually. Don't need to keep checking emails for loan updates. The DWP one can be twenty days after applying before you get an offer, then ten days after that before you get the money.. Probs should of found that out as soon as we got notice but we did what we could and made the best of it as best we could. With an actual date we can start telling utilities and broadband. He won't be happy having to go hours without never mind days. All the unpacking to do anyway should keep his busy. Still don't know if we can clear the shit we're not taking though. Might try get another quote, might just tell the landlord to bill us. Funds are crazy tight. But will get a useful amount from selling some games. He's not happy about it even though he never plays them. Gotta be done.

Days are so fucking long though and there's solo many of them. I know I know physically we can only handle a little at a time anyway. But urg. And also yeah we got a date. And end date to being here. A start date to somewhere we actually don't mind being.

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