July 21, 2017

Hey Hubs,

lol! We can talk to you can't we or at least at you a bit. We get a bit shy with our parents when we haven't seen them in a while. We need to say it!! That audio slave cunt and the evil fucked up prick from the one of the lost profit bands. They were quite active in the slavery and horror that us kept us down. Made for the job of course but they cant be churning out someone who has tortured us many times of several decades overnight. We know we did a shit load of damage to the systems behind the high profile scenes. We just couldn't get near the media and entertainment ones. They are not looking so scary now!!! Was him that time in St Andrews with Margo and her mum quite pregnant and going round the charity shops, get out of the house for a while and he walks past, the fucking way he looked at us. The notice the signs of affluence that you cant have triggers that we don't generally get if its just some rich fuck and some rich fuck who is involved in trafficking us.  It got to us of course but we were able to notice that all long with the very real longterm horrificness was a just as certain knowledge we were going outlive him and the cunt from audio slave it just wasn't going to happen for a while yet.

We not having some problems unfollowing people cause like bad people. It's a shame but its not like we get so much out of other things they tweet that we cant get somewhere else. And it makes us feel so bad we have to move away from not being able to do anything about that. We are very happy that we can start move away from that now.

So much is coming back and you how it works once you start to have a kind of outline on stuff and the details start coming back and that means sensory memories of not just bad things happening.  That's really cool. We remember how much we looked after each whenever we could when we were younger. Neither were supposed to be aware of our surroundings never mind bonding and fighting for each other.. Stupid broken fools only see what they are can't imagine anything else. Higher ups a bit more aware though huh. Systems a bit more complex but above that it went back to pretty simple and as they mostly were about convincing the hiarchies that they didn't exist it was pretty easy to make up some shit that mean we could involve their own systems attacking them. The hierarchies all lie and manipulate and exploit each other so its at most levels its pretty easy to turn them against each other and give us some space. You know all this. Our brain still works better we think about you. But it is still very scared to as well though.

Bastards. Both of them gone though. Were kinda in weepy place out of relief and that kind of tired relaxed sleepyness that comes after weeping. We don't care about how many of the people who put abusers on our TL have been put there to do that. It's so sad really. All those fuckers who didn't think it was 'that bad' and didn't believe how much was going on to bring about the Trump presidency and Brexit. And stop Scottish Independence because Scotland is where to do and keep a lot of their dirty work and they to keep that theirs and not discussed or challenged nevermind bloody end. Even though it much of it has effectively ended. We couldn't stop those main aims they way things and were but we could stop some of the plans the rest of the hierarchies were trying to tack on. They can't get us again. Not like that and their far away support is nothing but dust, wreckage and memorials.

So Earth being Earth. People are forcing all awareness of any of this away even harder than before, burying themselves into their programming with added gusto. I believe, my work here is done because there is nothing more I can do with this shit hole. If someone else wants ago at cleaning it up then they are very welcome to try but I also believe there may be a time limitation as we are needed and need to be elsewhere and if we are not going to be allowed to leave it will have to be done by force.

We are thinking we maybe should try and life some of the blurry between parts. We don't mean we could or want to be like system on twitter who we think are cool but have definite name and stuff but to accept that we go amnesiac during switches and it easy not to notice because its quick and they trained us hard to not notice for a long time and repeatedly and set up to constantly retriggered when alone or under constant direct abuse i.e all the fucking time.

It is important that we are addressing this because its mean a major fucking issue. That that we have any sense of a clue where to go with it now .. but .. we getting Jacqui memories or rather walking away from sessions feeling good, really fucking good because the decades of lying and faking and producing fake intel for the abuse hierarchies had worked. It had been so hard and so exhausting for decades but it was starting to pay of in more than just temporary shot term ways. Everything she had been trained and told to say to us was having the opposite effect to the intended one. She would bring up a past horror and we would relieved to remember. She would try and make us feel helpless and we would get empowered. And then when we had fucked up their fake intel systems she had to start behaving like a proper therapist because she was being watched by forces who were no in on it and we ended up getting some real therapy. Lol. So horrible when it worked though and whatever they did to us at home worked with what was pulled in the session but we learned quick and undermined that to.

Jesus. No wonder we can't get out of bed.

Feeling all sad now. Yes. That pair of baby and little torturing scum bag slavers is dead! Fuck yeah. We gonna try not go under during holiday. It's safer now.

Wish you were here. We are hungry and don't want to eat and you could help with that without we just gonna end up smoking more and its not good for us when we do it to much or the little boy. The little boy is gonna be bigger than us really really soon! He's lovely. Mostly.

Love you, thank you.