July 29, 2017

Stupid Scotland

Our foot is quite fucked up. Noticeably swollen and hot and quite quite painful. Think the digging in the garden was what triggered it. Not looking forward to Niall asking why we are limping the digging in the garden bothering old injury is fine but we can't get into what those old injuries are. There's horrilble slaver violence in there and of course the doctor fainting on out foot in hospital last year so fuck knows if that even happened. It feels more the foot than the ankle but there was that time away with Laura and Gran and kids and we went for a big long walk and got talking out by gravel on the side of the road. It was a nasty one. There was a lady getting out her car heard the scream and the expletives and hang about to offer help. We took the walking stick but refused the life back to camp.. really struggled accepting the help and really badly needed to. We could mention that but it really is the foot and not the ankle.. Stocked up on ibuprofen gel, ibuprofen and paracetamol and even most of the diazepam that picked from chemist yesterday and are confident we can keep till we are away and really will benefit from during the out and about times.

We remembered how when we were being chases along those twisty roads with stone dykes and trees and the odd building lineing the roads at the lethal speeds and hearing the scum bags loosing it catastrophically behind us thinking about fucking often you had done those same fucking roads at the same stupid speeds with no idea what you would find but knowing it would awful.

Rolling a car on your foot and then raping you as your foot gets crushed was what some of them were into in some places.

1990s hobbling.

The crap we would get for carnage on the roads. They would walk into Skene and even if things were looking normalish it was never obvious there was something really fucked up going on and going on to children, bitch about carnage on the roads and fucking walk out again.

It's fucking weird not being totally dissociated. Twitter man. Bigoted manipulated twat versus bigoted manipulated while who claim they are pro humanity cheer them on and ignoring and enabling tonnes of violent suppression and slavery that surrounds them and is done elsewhere in their name.

They're all just all cunts are we are very glad be done weeping about that. It could be different and maybe one day they will be but right now its a cultural fucking dust bowl but there. They only thing surviving is being maintained by other things elsewhere and is artificial and parasitic. Just no fucking attempt to reconcile the domestic violence the misogynies and racisms and sectarianism and class awfulness of so many kinds with the day dream of how it could be. Ye olde if yir not up fur recognisin an address the real nature of all the fucking violence that folk are using against each ither an from elsefuckingwhere your all window fuckin dressin.

We find it hard to not assume the Brit arrogance to lead without knowing what they doing because they are privileged Brits is going to continue it does bring about the final and proper break of the UK whilst still have hoping or presuming that it makes fuck all difference to us now because we are not going be left like this forever. We had to get everyone who would come back to help us or at least not become part of the system that keeps us crippiled far far away but not forever just so they could organise and we could focus on finding away to fix our head with constant attacks on them keeping us in pure survival modes all the fucking time. Much easier to think when almost everyone you love is or is at serious risk of being tortured all day everyday. Reasonably confident they can't get them now. Ha.

Knowing that me being taken down meant they would get as much horrificness done as they could as soon as they got hey hands on the ALF and as many others as they could and living like that 24/7/365.. Some aspects of some of the rings were all about it being public. We can remember the look in the eyes of people who stood in bars and watched and then laughed about it later, told us it didn't happen or told us to shut it or it would happen again when it was them that could ever be organising something like that. ..The fucking silence Dad..