July 19, 2017

kinda momentous really

Several excuses to be slightly pissed these evening. It's Tuesday for one and that is generally reason enough, it's also been sunny. We finished off replacing the crappy planks that made  a tiny border in front of the fence, it's great to have it finally done we are quite chuffed, we have been giving those planks dirty looks since Margo had the lease on this place. Also, late last night sleepless and agitated we ended up looking to see if there was any wee holidays available for me and the lad and did find a possible but figured the feeling wouldnt last. It did come during the day though our mood is so shitty we have to do something and we have been feeling quite excited about the eye food and the time somewhere else with junior.

Not so pissed now. Sleepless & bloated. Head full of gang rape. And much excitement about the trip, been pouring over the websites an feeling like stuff we have been putting off like get a phone that works and I doubt we could get an appointment in time but we are thinking dentist to. There is a day trip we have pretty much completly committed ourself to by mentioning it to dude and that is our biggest worry about it really we should fine just on the site though. It looks pretty wonderful, hills, seaside, woodland walks, crafts.. so glad we could finally feel able to leave the house even if its kind of fucked up that we are way more comfortable with the thought of travelling a few hours and staying somewhere else than we are going on day trips from here.  So glad we are doing something with the money other than buying weed because we have been going through too much. N will no doubt give us holiday pennies to yet its all good and heading in the right direction mental health wise. Oh man. Scenery. Air. Somewhere elseness.

There was another reason for the pissedness that we were too pissed to mention earlier. Dude said weeks ago he was getting hairs and we brushed it off and certainly didn't go in for a close up but today when we were eating hotdogs outside and he was in his onesie with the buttons not bloody done as usual and yep. Black lines around ma baby boy's tinkle.. Christ he's a boy and he's not even ten yet. It was quite a shock we were already on the pink wine so thanks to that we still managed to eat most the hot dog. He seemed quite proud and agreed he should read the puberty/sex book again. Wondering about stuff like stress and lack of exercise bringing it on early.. I'm proud of him and so relieved and proud of us for getting him this far but christ there is going to be a man about the place. Who we have clean up after and care for..We said it meant we would expect him to do just a little more and he said that we had agreed on 13 for that but Im pretty certain we said 10.. He can do a little more for himself I'm not expect him to work hard or anything.

So glad we had just booked when we saw that..