July 25, 2017

terribly excited

Big asda shop with holidays supplies order is in, sirlions or the first night & red of course. There's a pretty decent suitcase here that by its good condition we are presuming was Margo's and its pretty big so plenty room for lovely picnic food and booze. Was planning on getting clothes and at least one hair cut today but will wait until the money has cleared. There is a lot coming out.. Asda doing 3 for £3 on the dinky toilettiries and we are wanting to encourage to lad to be a bit more independent on the hygiene front.. assorted wipes, and bags to keep stuff organised and take food with us to the beach and stuff.. Doubt pabs will too enthusiastic about the cup soups and noodles but it might be different if there is not much else and he's been out all day and is starving..

We arn't focused too much on it, we've thought the thoughts before when they just weren't true but there is lots of firsts in all this isn't there.. most likely. It is the first time me the lad of gone any where together in a long time. There was a couple of trips with Margo and Laura, Gina but they were all a while back and not just us. Palermo and London after it hardly count even we are pretending to be amnesiac because there is no part that gets to escape the violence, even if we don't have the faintest clue why we knew people would and do try and hurt or kill us and the bairn.

Not so bad now or wouldnt even be considering it we would be crying because we knew it was way to risky and we would not be able to defend ourself from the hate and the horror. But I really think it's going to be lovely this time. The older mes are all calm and telling me its going to ok and they arn't all anxious and lying and that just by itself is lovely. There is going be some sniffing and swallowing back when with wishing more real family was there.  There's no Johnstons it's safer now.. They reckon they will always have Pabs but they reckoned that about us to and all of you.