August 21, 2016

Gap year

Tired. Been Swimming. So yeah really tired. No buses though so not weeping and suicidal tired. Just snappy tired. Don't remember the actual swimming the last time or if its actual real but remember being snappy afterwards but there was a warning at least, we get super tired after swimming, even if we don't do any actual swimming. We do remember we slept through dinner and then was super sorry about being to snappy and snappy about you saying it was ok and of course we remember the kiss.

We talked about  a lot of stuff didnt we? That its probably a DID thing as well that makes always makes us so exhausted after swimming as well as a physical thing not that they are separate things, cant remember your profesional opinion or our response but we think you said something after it about us wanting to tie you to take a steak and burn you every time you sounded like a psychiatrist. We gave you an amnesiac "how did you know that??" frowny face. And then Little Voice "But daddy is a psychiatrist."..We remember the gist of the start of what you said next and how we were talking about that very fact and psychology.

Then something about us not both being able to have breakdowns at the same time. Then being Captain Jack for a bit which amused the bairn but gave ourselfs a headache.

Do want to start writing more about our pasts again. So many less pressing questions. Much easier to tell the stories we want and need to.

Pain has been quite unpleasant. Part of how we came in here to write. It was a thought taking our achy flesh out but we knew water always makes us feel better, dude loves it etc., and soluble co-codomal helped.