August 09, 2016


It is done. Well not all of it. Impossible to not miss the odd patch and didnt do the skirting on the other side. But one of the jobs that has always bugged us about this house has been done.Didnt clean as much as we should. Much just painted over rather than removed.. Makes sense to leave one side dry so that can be the side the stay close to when walking up and down the stairs, we intend to not do to much of that for the rest of the day and are having a rest in bed, Doctors orders.

Guess you said to lean on whatever we need to lean on short term, until you get here.. And after the call we just had.. We don't feel like we need to lean, although we know we will. Feel like celebrating and making the most of having house to myself because it wont be long. Fuck yeah.

Lounged since the call from social work. Which we would of been doing anyway. Am leaning on/celebrating/making most of time with wine again and had some fish and chips. We cant pasta for supper. Don't think I will fit that really cute little summer dress in the charity shop window for much longer. Cleaned up the kitchen a bit, took our meds, now writing to you and drinking wine again and eating chocolate cake. Yeah I'm trying to say it. We could maybe manage a "husband" but not a first name, we are such cowards sometimes!

But we are remembering your lawyer a bit and how everything just starting coming back. We either knew nothing and remembered nothing or it was impossible to think of the past without feeling it was ongoing. We said that.

Fine then. Bath time. Suppose we could take another piece of cake with us. If you thought it was for the best.