August 17, 2016

Not a morning person then..

The  day did indeed get better. Of course, we arnt so down we couldn't lie outside in the sun and that's a pretty good mood enhancer. Asda man came to and we did well when we ordered it last night. Not even ten past ten and he's sleeping. He was the same last night to.

Just the one pokemon hunt today, he was happy to play while the stop recharged it was cool, we bickered a bit on the way there we were both hot and the school gates always messes with us a bit. We managed much better on the way back and for rest of evening really. Proper food again pork with attempt at a BBQ marinade that was good, dude scoffed it all before touching the new tatties and corn on the cob that wasn't brick hard raw. We don't do corn on the cob we do coleslaw. To much coleslaw. Slightly oversized for one person sized tub that we ordered. We refuse to understand the weight of anything we buy online ..

Asda's extra special Cabernet Sauvignon is too nice. Seriously and it's a £5.. 

Hit the retail therapy this morning to and not on balanced meals. Twin pics for the purple wall. Its currently adored by the red should be in a brothel wall through and two simple flower prints that were Laura's. On Amazon the new ones are Chinesey and golden. See yeah that against the purple that will look amazing.. I know I can't wait for you to see it either..

Tomorrow will bring whatever it brings. Then we will take junior on a hunt and cook something highly edible. Chill out and build some more Lego.  Assistance appreciated as always.