Aye yir head will hurt

"When are you gonna blog that Pac is long gone."

We had been expecting it and I wasn't alone while the they were deciding how to get the most they could out of Luna or vise versa. We hmmed and made up some options are said we were thinking it over. It was one of those many voices that didn't scare so much at all without tech and synchronized torture and it was great to be able to show him how we really felt about them.

Tupac rejected the Masonic misogynistic racist music industry programming (Rockefella club) when "the Johnstons" were still based in Glen Prosen or not long after the move to Dundee around 89/90 of course he did he would never be a slaver and never a slaver of us but we could never get through his programming to show him how we could help him. There was too many ongoing active measures being taken to stop us from showing him that we were not offering to program him but were trying to show him how he could be programming himself.

The Anderson/Grosvenor scene got him his "brothers" walked him straight to them.

It was impossible for us to not feel like it was being done to us and had been done to us every time they did it, because it does drain us, doing it to others unless we have support and help through it. He called us up to the bothey they had him. We tried to ignore it but couldnt he had already made us promise that if they did what they do to the likes of us, not just drain us but cut out bits of us and pump us full of drugs and put wires in our head and gadgets everywhere they can use us as very fancy computers that can manipulate humans as well as do vast calculations and formula and he said if I ever found him like that we would kill him and made us promise. There used to be and was many many of us being kept like that by the Templars and the Masons and the Satanists the tech was sometimes quite old as well as brand new depending on when and where it was being done. We don't feel much about us possibly shooting the Paul that had had that done to him about twenty years ago who we believe was the last after more centuries than we can stomach to tell ourselves.

Half the West at least and lots elsewhere still think they are gonna get us like that or are running programs that are supposed to culminate in that. Pathetic creatures.

They didn't have any problem finding girls to program to convince people they were us, they were volunteering and squabbling over it. We were kept heavily sedated and tied and only brought round a little for the rape and then put down again until we were heavily pregnant and they let us wake up a bit but showed us what machines would do if we tried to leave the room without their permission.

We remember a girl being told she "had to make it real" when they were going to trigger the night the actually got Tupac in us to make people think it was then and she had to act out then and there what we went through so people would think she was going through it then. We didn't think we could possibly hate a girl or girls as we did back then and are still quite there of course.  We were hit very hard with never telling people Tupac was gone and gave in the assertions that he was alive and whoever they were presenting was indeed him because it was the only comfort on offer with th intention being we would never be able to remember and process it in the states we were being kept in and it sort of worked. Except we can't be with someone who has not loved and cared for us and confuse them with someone who has regardless of how much emotions and memories they trigger but they can or could make us or my sisters pretend.

The little Jewish kid who called us Messiah would always find us and save us though and he wasn't doing it with step by step instructions he found and he fought his own way. We did get him to stop calling us that though even if he believed it and even if it was true it's inhumane and there was no way we would marry him if he kept calling us that and we wanted to because he fixed us just by being in the room and made us feel so real and so loved it would keep us alive and hopeful through the absolute worst and I think he got out before it became Trumpland officially and not just in reality.

The chance of a smart arse American Jewish kid who knows an awful awful lot about us getting to us here in the next days and weeks sounds about as likely as a black dude who just wants to look after us.

Not impossible though.

I love you, husband I can't remember the name of.. 

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