September 21, 2017

The Murdoch Scene (For (and from) my Uncle)

Not that we have details or recall at the moment. It was where I was before Dundee and the Todds the first time. Pulled out of American music scene for being to unmanageable and sent over Austria for whatever it was then Scotland. The Scots hated it when someone takes out their any of their main Satans and have always been supported by evil everywhere in making another who is given the same ID and physical appearance as the last one, its how its been done in many places for very long times and they were always trying to infiltrate anywhere they did not totally have.

So much of what we did wasn't about thinking we could stop them it was about us and our friends getting to now how it all worked and where the kept their most powerful hard ware, ideology and then using what we had found out to make it all out and make plans to do stuff that actually could make a difference.

We knew we wouldnt have any details when here alone still in mid September 2017 but we said to one of the last cunts to properly try and take over the final programming and entire operation last summer that as we wouldnt have details about that scene maybe we should focus on the problems we have with ongoing programming, like the way Pabs talks to us and most people and Todd stuff. He didn't like it.

Had the Murdoch stuff been about setting us up for the Scotland scenes? They had a lot of our sisters. We remember the guy who was making us watch it from a distance saying it wasn't bad they doing what they were doing to my sisters to protect me because I was the most special and had to be treated better than how they were treating my sisters. We knew for certain that guy was evil and a liar from that moment on. This was in America anyway. I think we got away from him not long after and with the far away support real or imagined we reached out to a Latino gang about helping me break my sisters out of there..

It's was never random anyway the order in which you were sent round the different rings and thrown into different hell holes we had enough distance from it to see how clever but inflexible it was and all the Satanists were stupid and did whatever they were told so we couldn't see how it came from them.

We wish we could give some kind of name to not old amazing scarred genius slave guy. They said they still hadn't told my mum, we could see here searching the crowds faces for someone. He had gave us how to make your someone other than you are over decades of extreme relentless violent abuse by thousands (maybe more). He believed he needed to go through it so someone could help me, one of the scenes had told him that and we were weren't sure until we remembered that when it came to slavery and intentionally inflicted human misery we knew there is no justification and no meaning its just keeps everyone down and blind. It annoyed us when he said of course we believed that we had to but as time went on and we saw him smile and then even laugh he started to be able to get it.

It was too late though and they were listening to every word and just set up traps for us. He went back to saying he would die as they planned then but said it was because there was no way out but that he didn't accept it as something that "had" to happen anymore and he said he had set the programming to help me and had to die to protect it and because we had reminded him of everything outside of rape and slavery and had shown him love in that world of pure and solid hate he could not let us see how they were treating him on top of how they were treating me. He said we couldn't survive it and we couldn't argue. We were already getting round in the tummy and they work, beatings, rape and torture rarely stopped. He did say it would be worse because of the pregnancies.  "Only the really hardly wans survive aw this. Thats why we dae it. They need to be. You'll understand one day."

Of course with all the non stop horror since then we have had little time to try and deal with any of it. Glad we have been able to just a little now but we feel very tearful and broken over it as ever. Jacqui brought him up to us once I think. Don't think she did it again.

Oh Mum. Don't let them talk you into waiting any longer. Not for any reason.