September 12, 2017

Ancient Evil Scottish Slavery Skills No Longer For Sale (I think)

In the ninities we knew we would be hit with layer upon of bullshit and pretense before the showed us the real goodies. They need the part that is given information like this to be very very deep down and accessible only to them and no one else. We of course shared it and it got some help with making things slightly less horrific from some of the further away wealthier slavers for a while and the white power Brits and co took that down as well. We are not in a can talk about it with certainty and confidence with plenty primary sources place of course more of a pacing whatever room we were in Skene partly figuring shit out, partly remembering and also just refreshing slaver propaganda in our head.

They had access to the script, the detailed list of future events. We did our best took make it difficult for them to access and use it as much as possible but they were always working towards it. If it's in they told us then it can be in theirs to. The hated it being used against them so it was kept in small numbers of elites with families handing down parts of skills and always on the look out for more. It wasn't during the torture that elite expected to get their results but when we were sleeping. They had an fairly unsurpassed understanding of sleep, D.I.D and the mental connections between twins, mass trauma, synchronicity and of course the breeding and the cutting as well as how to torture without killing. They were given plenty of training in that, plenty opportunity for consquenceless trial and error when they were growing up and when they are training new recruits. But it was the skills they have in getting you to answer questions in exhausted dissociated sleep was what we could not fight and what keeps things going.

It was a power we think many genuinely otherwise literate,bright normal people believe was handed to them by satan to allow them to be slavers forever and maintain world wide injustice and inequality forever, many more just have as an accepted part of their social, family and economic lives. They all have their roles to play and have be led, forced and groomed into believing they must preform these roles without question or regard for bigger pictures. They can not imagine a life without that role because they were brutalised into their whole sense of being and self esteem rests on this role and the systems. There is nothing else. Look around. We can understand in away. There really is nothing else and no permanent sign of change just protected scum they know to be slavers because they helped train them in power. There is no reason, no motive to turn against everything and everyone if you have been part of it all for this long and I am still without Sonny, without name, without husband, without family and still sleeping surrounded by Satanists who know these are the things we value most and are satisfied and couldn't care less what we do or don't get right on here. Things are as they should be as long as this continues.

For those where its all rape, cash, power being in Scotland is the best place in the world because its being on forever and everyone just accepts it and when people don't there are plenty of pro slavery (Capitalist, Communist and developing) states to come in and put everything and everyone back in place. Did Bertie really think that the reason he also ended up skint and back in that flat in Whitfield was because "I" or we stopped him from getting pain or keeping the money. Sure we have forced slavers to hand over all their dirty loot and burned it but how is what even possible considering what we are usually under? We tried explaining the thing that keeping and small number of slaves relative to the population size and engendering supporting hierarchies of violence was about keeping the whole society enslaved more than small number of slaves but he just looked confused.. Invalid

We could wind up the lower orders sometimes into boasting about the people who did what jobs in what country they were speaking to about what. It was always great to hear some truth and stress out slaver military information gathering and creative fiction divisions who often spent lots of time hiding from and taking down each other without realising they were effectively on the same side and certainly were working for the same short term goals, to keep it going. We really seem to not have that same fear and very real, violent and often instant oppression hanging over us anymore. We are not sure why it has faded probably something to do with everyone and everything that has been taken down or out in the years since then.

The Scots always having more information about us than anyone else and never sharing it with anyone. That was a long term thing and we were fucking relived when we found the Zionist as well as the Russian long term support in this. Things would get a bit easier when lots of their interests and sources starting getting more and more contradictory. They are all of one mind at the moment but so are we.