Mum your a wuss

It was a huge relief to see the only person on the planet that could tell us apart from programmed slaves and slavers tell the Jewish kid that we once loved so so much that it would be great if things were otherwise but they arn't and I am a slave in a very pro slavery country and I can't get married. But it wasn't him anyway, at some point during all the Dundee based warage he finally after about two decades we believe noticed that we had gotten us mixed up with someone else and the cunt had been chatting to Mensch et al all this time. We had to get him out of Skene after he took the program along with everyone else that meant for the past two decades they have been falling unconscious instantly the moment the are about to witness or understand something they need to know if they were going to be able to help me and not just hurt me more. We spoke to him back them told him to stay away during 16 with him not there we would have no qualms about removing his replacement along with Stuart. He was our only friend down here for many years and we lost him because there was so much intentional, national, international and intergalactic efforts to make sure we did so. We were not ready to have him slain along with a long ago broken human and now long term slaver creation.  It bugs though when our operations take down the constructs made by slavers because they are being used to harm us and the person who has that face the whole time is now free to get on with enjoying a middle class lifestyle supplied by the slavers to keep them away from me.

There are of course some who do not agree with "being an idiot for twenty years is not the same as being a rapist and child torturer for twenty" and we often find them hard to argue with. With us we usually look at role gender bias and misogny played in it all and of course in a culture like this we usually have to let them go because a bloke with all the trappings and symbols of power made them feel comfortable and taken care of so they stopped noticing he's a liar, a fraud, a puppet, a slaver and a rapist.

We talked to the original kid after he woke up wherever he was after the shooting. It was good to hear his actual voice after all this time but the distance after all this time, all this horror and all this work to return to more horror and more slavery alone has made quite a chasm and its not one we are in any place to do anything about. We could tell him a few things we were certain of, a bit about how they were controlling everyone and how that controls our DID about how all the machines were down and that is why the internailised programming across the stinking planet is as bad as it will ever get. They think they can keep it all going until they get us back and us to make sure nothing uncontrolled ever happens ever.. and yet I'm the one who doesn't understand how things work... Think he asked what we were going to do next and it was easy to tell him and all the listening slaver feds the truth, that we agreed a long time ago to do what we have done and then wait and hope because we must not continue to try and help people who believe not in slavery but specifically in my permanent enslavement and the same for all the spawn if they can't be turned against me.

We might be getting mixed up with another call but some male voice asked about Anthony and we had to explain hopefully for the last time ever that Anthony was named Gabriel but was put through too much pre and post natal abuse and never made it into toddler age nevermind adulthood and Anthony was highly prize slaver tool especially against myself and then say with serious relief that as such we had shot him in the head three times and this gave as a better chance of getting out of enslavement than we have when he is alive. Think we were coming round a bit more because it came in pretty sudden that we had not told our mother that both "Stuart" and "Paul" were gone. She can't handle that Anderson shit but we were kinda glad to be facing that shit without worrying about someone else trying to help us and fucking up, it is what we are made for after all and we did and do agree as long as it is not all we are and they always agreed that was never the plan that would be wrong and cruel and counter productive.

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