September 18, 2017

Oh my god you fuckers are amateurs

After the second yucky fever dream we gave in texted to look for more weed to pay for tomorrow. We were in those places where most the dreams we are taking place, lost there a million times but still only get vague sense of where we need to go, unwelcoming pubs, a university we have messed too much to catch up on know our way around except these days we do more trying to find our way out again rather tell our self we can catch up, everyone else seems comfortable and happy and often disrespectful to us, sometimes we have a room or flat that is often like the refuge in St Andrews that we never feel comfortable in. Skene came into it to, Margo was there but we knew she is dead and weren't sure if we told her or not, drinking going on, one point we are telling Margo is still horrible to us, why would we do that? She couldn't do much alive? We remember a fair bit of us shouting at a parade or something that was going past a building we were standing outside. About being a slave and everyone being under the control of Fascists I think. The hopeless and powerless was so crushing. We did what we were told do once it got to this point, lay down on the bed the that second upstairs bedroom in Skene and said "Bye Earth" three times, then started processes of.. It's dreamed before but not in 2017. They don't understand our systems they are dynamic and respond to events as they happen, the opposite of Satanic Predetermination.

Recalling more about how things went back to being shitty again last year. Full exposure. It felt so fucking good. All the planning and millions of people involved and instead of me being pinned down and exposed and deconstructed and broken we did it to Satanism. Some very pale faces not there was many around by that point. Fife CID were allowed in because their programming was hacked to try force them to say something true and postive about me which they cant do so all of their heads went down at the same time as they had to turn off their programming. Gave us the oppurtunity to talk how we got a fabulous taped confession from them a long time ago by going in there and pretending to act like they were police and police are not a slave ring. They said they were Satanists, that all of Fife was and always will be Satanic and then proceeding to give a pretty solid outline of their intentions, plans and schemes....

The shock in whatever system had been set up to go in there was real enough that they would think it was a different kind of shock. They left without anyone attempting anything which was very wierd. Whoever it was.. walked away smiling.

The machines.. none scary machines.. they hear us. They record us. They can't shout back. And have told them if they try to put anything than can anywhere near them they will loose more than the freaky ancient tech and without any warning. Soo funny speaking to folk over the phone that have had them for a long time sometimes after all these years of being kept very far away from them. We told we weren't in a place where we understood how phones made it louder but they maybe could but not to try and tell as then because it would just trigger us.

Had them there in Stratheden (LOL!!!) though part of our best day ever plans, so they could explain to us in states where we could not understand because of all the intentional torture aimed at stopping us, with lots of loved ones around away. It wasn't about being able to remember it know it was about soothing the anxieties of specific been the worst and never switched parts. We also needed to to get them through the crap we were going to get from the hospital once the party was over, "have you ever heard voices, have you ever felt like your hands were being controled by someone else, or you certain these things happened and the endless fucking "What do you mean by trafficking?" at the start of every fucking meeting by creatures that were confessing locality to Satan and all up for torturing and killing me and any bairn a few days before..

Imagine how many non Satanic (and probably increasingly non capitalist) folk that we have empowered have been pouring over all that Chris Todd stuff for the last year.. Bit of Satanic kingpin in lots of scenes. We had to tell him about how much of his "power" we had been studying, blowing up and infecting over the past thirty years with very very few people knowing and it was excruciating.. We remember we had to say something in Grahams we were obviously fucking glowin and we needed to make to most of the good feelings before we had to pack them away to protect the plans and us from walking around looking chuffed punishments.

Had to use it keep one of the sons on a track that wasn't Chris's. Really easy to take it away again though with a head that has grown up in all that shit. It worked. He phoned and said thanks on the day. We can never be bothered to remember which one it is and its probably saved us both on many many occasions. We would usually say it was one we were pretty certain it wasn't. It was actually funny when they tried the same shit with the special drugs and special tech support. Just exposed it as the desperate nasty small brainedness it was rather some supernatural evil total power it was just some broken man who needed as many people to suffer before he could get a hard on. As a kind we could see part of its power was in the locals not being familiar with it, this shit didn't come out of the English private school system. First guess was always check the Russians.

And here we are.