September 09, 2017

"Slavery is coming back Quine and you are gonna help us do it."

."..when did it go away?.."

"Dinnae you get smart with me you know wot a mean."

We were too weakened from everything to come up with check, some of us were very relieved because it wouldn't of been good if we had answered back even if he was anxious to be elsewhere as we were obviously really hurt already.

Don't want to be out of weed not ever but not today. We remember how its been here lots. That fear. I can just about bare everything and Sonny with weed, we can find a bit of peace and healing but without it we get overwhelmed. At least we have made lots of progress with identifying that we can see the monsters a bit better and that makes them less scary when they are in the shadows and all have to go on is the devastation they caused. Just mtore horrible broken desperate manipulated people. What a place to be in to believe that the possible health and happiness of someone else who wants health and happiness for all is a direct threat and immediate threat that most be dealt with by any means. Funny how that "any means" is always rape and making money for rape.

The puppet masters love to get the people who would be helped the most if you got your way heavily involved in destroying you. It gives them a chuckle and makes you despise the abusers even more and that can trigger more enthusiastic torture.

We have a word. Or rather a name. It might of been mentioned on here before. We are doing that mention something thats massive and horrific and we  have been conditioned to not think, talk or write about and then write about it more later and break up the difficultness. Romanov. Specifically the enslavement, breeding and experimenting on people with certain characteristics that are found in Romanov bloodlines. Or they think are in Romanov bloodlines it's been slaughtered anywhere else so the genes are only found in slaves or on other planets that we helped end the slavery on. Very ancient and ongoing forms of satanic slavery, our musical talent and the capacity for empathy seems to disgust, fascinate and terrify the most. We can't remember what they have been told it means. We have been freewriting again you can probably tell..

The widespread talk of using nuclear war to rid Africa of black people. The widespread talk of Tories and Trump rolling back rights laws and making what they were doing to me easier, they police wouldn't have to pretend to not be slavers anymore it would be their official jobs and not just their real jobs.

The fat Scottish blokes and posh English cunts boasting about their slavery being older than Europeans in Africa and will continue when Africa is no more. The long, long history of a slave trade in and between Russia and Britain. The richness of the culture of slavery and sadism here in Scotland versus nothingness that is left after all these centuries of society wide Satanic believes and practices.. The educated richer types would talk about imposing Saudi like systems to control women. We didn't know or care if it was a serious plan or just something they were talking about because they knew I could here. They didn't like it when we said we didn't care about Westerns or anyone else much as no one had helped me and it was hopeless. It was great we saw and felt the fucker loose so much of his power over us, we felt very hopeful and didn't care about hiding it especially as the guy this guy would tell so I would be punished for feeling hope was recently deceased and they were running out of high end torturers that started their work on us when we were tiny. Pablo was safer by this point of course. I think it may of been when we were pregnant. They wanted to know why stuff wasn't working like it used to we blamed the feteous because for making us feel like we were going to get out of us because we knew he would believe it because we are supposed to believe it so they lock us into hopeless fighting against everything and everyone to get him back just like all the ones before but it was because we knew how much of the massive apparatus was down and how much the greed and hate within the rings was weakening them.  It was kinda true as well though but I think that might be the pregnancy hormone. The want the only nice feeling you ever feel is the pregnancy hormones so you will yearn for it and resist breeding less.

Ancient & ongoing. Barbaric & economically essential these people are addicted to scapegoating, there instinct to protect themselves and their own has long ago been twisted and rearranged into a will to inflict pain and misery on those that have been single out for it and a dedication and loyalty to protect abusive and murderous systems that surpasses all else.

Romanov. Another aspect to "all this shit" but this was a thread that we are still pulling with no end in sight.  Something was very very determined for what we have to be kept under control but that was long ago and they and whatever they saw are long gone and the systems they built are crumbling without anyone to maintain them. We kind of wish we could feel more interested in whatever is going to happen yet but we just want access to our people.


We have a very long history of counting, recording and handing down the details of crimes against us. It has been an honor to uphold that tradition and a relief to know that great minds before mine have dedicated themselves to issues of land ownership and finding solutions to the satanic status quo.

We are not alone. I am not alone. I am married! It was a wonderful day, all of us had planned surprises and good things for all other uses so none felt left out. It worked and it felt amazing and because all the horrible people didn't get me last year we will survive this one and have a chance of getting better even is we still have a while to wait.. They way people were looking at us and telling us it was going to be okay and get better not because that is what you say to a slave but because in charge us had gotten full briefs to them so they knew but we still don't of course..

Ancient evils coming to an end.. its quite something but we are no state to appreciate it now our trauma riddled flesh is without weed.

 We love you Sonny Tupac King.