September 07, 2017

Bossa Nova

Hey All,

Things have been a bit better. Getting wee and some not so wee stuff done. Doctor gave me the actual pain killers we want after christ knows how many Docs and how many times of asking. Its the first good Tuesday week so there is food, booze, dispatched kid essentials and a decent wee pile of weed.
It's a bit later now. We remembered we loved it when we were getting tired of all our more white people folk music of Julia Stone, Daughter, Nick Mulvey, Vance Joy etc., etc., If you have ever seen as Tommy when he was tiny moving to Bossa Nova you are unlikely to forgot it and not recall it every time you here the music. His Dad came in and turned it off and wee Tommy started crying and we told him it was because Deek had turned off the music. There was almost a moment when we thought it might be okay but we all knew this was the trigger. Deek said something shitty, we said "and that Tommy is racism" Deek got agro and went for us we floored him. He said we were going to regret that he was going tell and that was the set up for the slavers being in and active in the house full time again.

We don't feel like dissecting it further. We have taken pain killers for the first time today, poured the a big glass of wine and made a salad with left overs, heated the water bottle and put the tablet on charge. Bairn on the sofa with a hot dog, a hot cross bun and a handful of haribos. We have declared Thursdays a minion free day. It's fair enough cause they can't get Pabs out much either so the door is being chapped regularly by small blonde cheeking males and we need a  little break from it especially as they are not my minions.  Pabs said one of them's Dad is a policeman. We gave the kid a break and forgot which one.

The Bosa Nova is still on.

Been thinking about Liz a lot recently. And the useless, the evil and actually alright members of her public family.  Can't believe she is safe and way from her abusers and slavers and is with people she needs to be with telling them the things only she can tell them. She deservers to far far away from here and her "them" who are the same "them" as mine sometimes and be with real people and real culture.  Here's to you major founder and force of twentieth century Feminista, The Dancing Queen!

Phil was brill, he could really stop us all in our tracks by his support and the efforts he would go to expose and manipulate their systems and hide and help ours. Here's to you to!

And here's to the dream of Will the nasty assed grandson meeting a quick, painless but humiliating end any day now..