Hi Daddy,

Haven't written on tablet in ages. Reminds us of time in hospital when everyone was gone. Today started kinda crappy but got better after we saw more flowers out in the garden and new new pal stopped saying she would find out what was going on between me and old new stoner pal that is really struggling with addictions and has Fintry connections after we sent a screen shot of the nasty assed  texts we got woken up by this morning. We ended up blocking the old new pals number after she had us getting bitchy back. Fuck that. Honestly boasting about having a load of weed and I could be smoking it with her if in wasn't so selfish and refused her one j when she was having a nervous breakdown after all the running about she did for us. It sickened us particularly on the night it all happened when she texted to say she had no where else to go and she wanted was one j to go and walk the streets with like she doesn't have anyone else in entire area except for a fair bit of family, school mates, drug mates, work mates..

When we were on holiday we got several texts from her about nits and if I was sure we didn't have then, she was complaining about sitting in living room here and itching and we mentioned fleas and she had a wee go about it! The whole "is this as bitchy as I think it might be or am being paranoid" thing was well fucking old long before we got here. The whole texting thing today started with her saying I could buy from a guy she introduced us to we had texted him but he hadn't answered and we didn't think more about it it was an off chance when skint thing anyway. She had to make sure we knew she had said something to him, what is she trying to say he is only going to sell to me if she says its okay?!? Wtf.

Got soundly beaten at chess by the lad tonight. After a tonne of trash talk.. He was happy and its not like we were intentionally and consciously letting him win. We talked a tiny bit about "other family" and mentioned Sonny. We managed to talk and it be okay we didn't get too upset too quickly or unmanageably triggered. Not that it was easy or we talked for long but we did hold it together and felt very grown up! Briefly!! Thank god...

Hope they get to meet soon but we don't know and need them both not to be raped, tortured and programmed more than we need to see them.

It can't really be that long we are having lots of memories about Elaine being used to fuck with us by relaying details about now and us being well prepared with even more details about now and time spent with the great big programmer in the sky big ugly assed computer they had in charge of everything. We couldn't blow it up so we had to mess with its processes and we know we left not feeling much like a fucking slave so we reckon that's a good sign.

Love you and Mooney and everyone.

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