September 16, 2017

still here!

Don't worry. We texted a couple of people and now have a little bit more weed we will pay for on Tuesday. While we waited we managed to talk ourself into dragging ourself up, doing some hoovering, dishes and make some tuna pasta for us and the lad and munching down a decent sized bowl. We felt a bit better after and did more cleaning. Eventually managed to remove the shrink wrapped and sellotopes double layer of black plastic bag that was round the broom handle we ordered cause the other one broke. We have started it a couple of times over the last week but had to give in. Got through it today and deminged the kitchen a bit. It's a bit of a state though and needs work, the vinyl on the floor is in tatters in a couple of places and there is a bit missing where a dish washer or something must of been and they never lifted it to put flooring under, the seal came of the sink and we made an attempt to put more on but its coming off now to and it stinks round there, the cupboards are falling to bits in places to. The landlord is evil though and if he sends any workers round they are useless. The guy who checks the boiler and does some handy work was round the other day, we said the shower temp had started getting really inconsistent he said it was pressure and did something he said would fix it but it isn't, the downstairs bathroom stopcock is wonky and the toilet makes that refilling noise most of the time, he said he fixed that again but hasn't..

Long, long way from where they want us though if these are the biggest day to day issues with our "accommodation"..

Had a shower, put on clean jammies, lit some candles in our freshly hoovered room. Now we are gonna make a cup of tea and roll another and stay centered on that feeling of being someone who is known and someone who is loved and someone who has and will known a life and experiences beyond that negotiated between and forced on us by slavers and capitalists.

We can't believe it Daddy. It's too wonderful.