September 23, 2017

For my brother Paul

Love and miss you Paul thank you for keeping me alive after our uncle died. Feel like I should be so relieved and happy that things aren't as they were but we are struggling with all the trauma recall especially since the cold is still hanging around and we are skint, weedless out of decent dose codiene and won't have any non food money until a week on Tuesday. Not phoning Niall though, been getting fair bit of dough of him recently and its humiliating and triggering.  Think there is a lot more non slaver peoples out there that know what he is and that helps even if nothing has happened yet. Remembered today how when they had the fake coupling between any of us they could get their hands on and Niall, we went to dinner with him and his family and saw her talking to enforcer slavers and during the meal she apoligised to us for our uncle.. Whoever was the "Louise" though was prepared and had answers and switches ready to get through it without crumbling in front of them. Seeing the looks on people who thought they were helping keep us safe after the came out of the Niall and the Andersons tent meant so much to us. We didn't have anything to say to them they ignored the evidence for an easy life year after year still though seeing them half dead from exposure to the truth felt like we could be for the first time here ever.

We keep thinking of his scars and injuries, how he always brought us back after whatever they had done to us and how many people spent so long trying to find him but white supremacist Earth and their handlers in the intergalactic slaver co  wouldn't have it.

Remembering going through some smushed enslavement and terror tech footage  with you, that was funny.

 Hope to see you really soon, we need lots and lots and lots of big bro hugs. Stat.