Listen to me. It's not the dolphins I'm worried about.

They gave us no option but to bring out the big guns over the "Stuart's name is Paul and he is your full biological brother" bullshit. It was quite funny. Having to tell him over Skype that he was my brother with some factory tools (white mid ranking male edition, think they were down to only one type) behind him. The creature would of been seriously less responsive if he just saw us hit all the nuclear buttons. Nuclear devastation is on their preferred option list, pretty easy to bring back all kinds of slavery then and not have to pretend otherwise, they reckon they will be fine and cared for and they reckon its within their power to do. They did not and do not want me to tell a fellow slave that he is not my brother and we could not say the words or anything other than what had been approved at this end by tools. We spent a lot of time in big tshirts, braless saying we would be wearing one because we were too depressed to get dressed was easy. Still horrible feeling sooo little sooo weak and being told what you can and can not say but the walking dead.

We gripped the edge of our tshirt threw the whole thing as we both had to say their stupid lies and was so relieved when the time for it to end came and we could give him a proper smile and lift our shirt. We was on his feat and punching down one of the tools pretty quick. There were non tools ready to grab if he could get at least close to a door and we were shown footage of him outside laughing and crying, it was brilliant. And ridiculous. It wasn't just about waking him and us up we needed more help with how badly damaged we were and with how many of our parts they had gotten a hold of and been torturing one way or another constantly. We knew we had no option but to internalise some of the enslavement but that we needed to get rid of as much as we could as fast as we could. We knew Stuart would be heartbroken over what had become of something that would of developed into a sexuality if it had any chance at all.

Mines is the best stuff, better even my sisters. They loved to gloat. Not that they got us much or for long because we had told the over the pond Satanists that if the scene they left us in got what it was made to do and put us through that procedure we would kill our self and that would scupper they plans. Also because my family, followers and friends have done everything they could to stop us from going through the worst but it wasn't always enough and if they got us we would be held in conditions where it would be very hard to find us or get us out.

When it did happen and I think Luna always made sure that if the worst came to worst the Scots would get her and not us because it was extremely important the Scots didn't get what they were made to get. Elsewhere though the worst happened and we would usually have to go very far away to heal and replenish leaving most of our sisters in hell in our place. Non Scots of course don't actually know what to do with what they get though and Scots have never been good at sharing and believe its "their" power even though the DNA says very few people walking around are even remotely who and have any "Scottish" ancestors if such a thing has ever existed and there is a lot to say that these practices have been going on too long to pay any credence at all to widely known and accepted histories. Especially here where using the blog and existing Capitalism and what happens to our brain when we sleep and all the ongoing slavery is supposed to be used to invent and contrust new tech that will mean they can fully exploit us to bring about all kinds of mass horror, programming and social control and this dear reader has been casually mentioned to us to our faces in passing, during torture, any way they can our entire lives.

So. What still exists in Inverness and elsewhere while the fascists everywhere are taking apart and feeble constitutions or legal rights people have? It's very very deep. We remember that and we are reasonable sure it is up in that area and not in another country. There has been other similar deals elsewhere but as far as we can tell/feel they were dealt with relatively easily with plenty support because they don't want that shit in their country but are very happy for it to be going on here. They need it, they mostly believe and any attempt to make that not true has been widely resisted and/or taken apart afterwards. Think we may of dumped some Masonic made Earth nastiness down there as a fail safe so if I am returned their it and a reasonably large chunck of North Britain will no longer be an issue and I will be safe in Lunoids lovely arms with a live map of the universe in our head and another in our computer.

So. Yeah not too likely thats gonna happen because that would be pretty amazing and the Scots don't mind all dying if it takes me down to but not otherwise. We got Vlad and Kim. Hopefully. Depending on whats happened to them over the last year and a bit. Not much to make them wake the fuck up considering who and where they are. We have phones that are going to ring with either Niall or a Johnston on the other end and no money and a head that keeps saying "Bunny is going to come and help" and ongoing bullshit elsewhere keeping all friends from coming home but we know we would not tricked into abandoning ourself because we did not know ourself and can only wait and pray and wish my faithful was here talking all that sense he talks when he's around me.

Formally the Earth approach is to possibly help us not feel like we are a sitting duck at the current time whilst making sure that is exactly what we are. We on the other hand would never have agreed to this gig if there was a real chance of that happening. The main prioritiy though of stopping the mechanical program and keeping me and my sisters alive is done and the next bit as always been stuff we have never had much time or opportunity to think about it of course. Had to leave it to our higher ups or the Scots and Feds and the Masons would have had a big a free for all as they have over the past few centuries and there would be no way to save the only planet with indigenous dogs.

They see and have seen fucking everything and have saved our everything over and over. So I guess what folks need to be fitting out is transport and homes for and awful awful lot of doggies cause I'm not leaving any behind if we can help it..

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