"You understand now why we made you the way we did."

We never got Daddy out the second time. They had him like they had Tupac and thousands others. There was no way to bring any one back from that on a slaves and surveillance planet. We had such a strong sense of him with us and talking to us all the time for weeks and it was lovely then we realized the only way that could be happening.. In the states. Think we took the gun from an Italian dude who would feed us sometimes and let us come and go as we please until the Andersoned Feds said they would do the same to him if we went back.

Hating America like we hate Britain right now. They only thing they had going for them is that poem on the statue of liberty and know that means less than a made up confederate battle win, considerably less.

My uncle though.. we already knew he was programmed to ask us to help him download him into another body.. the real good guys had told us as part of telling us about how all humans were at that point listening to, taking advice and being seriously messed with by pretend good guys and no one was hearing them at all. I am the last hope for this whole area as we said whenever we could but the place is dead or evil so it had no good impact other than our pride at doing a difficult job and the knowledge we had given people the information, the choice that we were not sure they had ever had before.

That's all kind of unnatural and exactly the kind of thing the Satanists want me to do so they can. We can't do that but their almost all dumb terminals so they are very easy to fool. We can't do that but we can pretend we have and tried something else instead.

Way too cynical right now to know if it worked. Even if we just faked it it was pretty cool seeing scum bags response when he presented himself in Glasgow. He always saw how heartbroken we were and how the slaver had long since turned to breaking our heart since they couldn't get into our head and it was and is still working.

We have less than two pounds in the bank and about the same in change around the house, weed is all gone but it has to be said the half qs from D last considerably longer than those from C and we are hitting a place where weed isn't that much use anyway. There is some food and the housework is getting quite far behind. Weekend is gonna be rough if this continues, which it will of course. There is neighbor that is owe us money but she's obvs some kind of twisted up, procedured victim that has no intention of every admitting it to themselves and we don't want to see any of them although I don't think there is anything else living around here.

Getting quite autumy and been warm but we can't go out for a walk because we didn't get enough help in the past and are not getting enough help today. This is making us feel even sadder.

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