not bipolar either

With only one of us there the orders would eventually come down that the full time had to stop because it was to obvious if there wasn't another to do the odd public appearance and if Pablo wasn't coming back until it stopped then it would have to stop. There was plenty trying to stop this from happening but they can't not exploit us for ever quid they can get and that meant shit getting well public and known about. Eventually the well spoken posh sorts were around and it stopped. Lynne and Deek in particular were seething as well as the worse horror stories from other areas Erin from Glasgow, Elaine and the Dundee lot, the Irish reps ... ... the Scottish police needed it to continue, the London lot were not so bothered we were too scarred and too non compliant for their clients, there was plenty immigrants and vulnerable people for them to pick and choose from thanks to there political wing, most of the Europeans and furthers were undercover but had long since stopped caring about anything other than getting out again.

The Americans acted indifferent but weren't. I was kept there though and the police, doctors, journos, artists petty crims and other  institutions are what they are so of course it didn't end there just wasn't as much and there was some help and awareness of what was happening to us again.

Was hoping to write a chatty post after earlier efforts. Been colouring again and keeping ourself and parts of the house clean and lovely. Built Pablo's new desk! Taking meds as prescribed. Tungus is still around but we are brushing our teeth and taking the drops.

We were in a little white dress for a while weren't we. And old dream come true. White wedding dress, lead guitar, Voodoo Child, hairy legs. The hairy legs wasn't something we thought about as a kid, that was added by our husband later..We saw too many eyes begging us to play it.. so we had to.. Star Spangled Banner.. it was quite a thing.. We did Nirvana "School" to didn't we.. we have been remember stuff so clearly its wonderful and its worked it does soften the blow of all the endless gang rape recall.

Can't end it there.. The garden.. Behold..

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