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Really quite chuffed with this place.. Changing that title.. Big step huh? We like it. "Daffodil Rites" was always about working blind desperate for some clue or sign to tell us we were on the rails laid done by ourself and people who care and not those laid down by machines built to crush us and then use our parts to keep everyone else crushed. Very difficult to see any signs when you can't see much and don't know what anything means when you do glimpse something and that is how we are supposed to be.  Our intellect and education is kept separate to be accessed mainly by middle class abusers to benefit them only.

It never works quite that well though and people who have been separated from their intellects can't generally have them turned back on by someone saying a magic word. Most skills appear to work because another ring has forced victims to act like it does hopefully until it becomes automatic and nothing else is remembered. There needs to be no reminders for that to work. Everything has to been done "properly" to have a chance of working and that is not the mind set of the average slaver who want as much as they can get as quickly as possible..

So inside and between rings their is constant manipulating, horrific violence and attempts at total control over one another and the slaves and what is said to the higher hierarchies who usually have them under permanent surveillance but acted like they only put cameras in for important work on slaves, children and ring members and said they were not interested in putting those charged with day to day control of the slaves under the same total surveillance that they generally have us under.

Those higher ups often exposed their entire system to us because they made sure everyone lower than them only believed what they wanted them to believe. They would do this stuff where they would try and get us to speak in first person from their perspective.. to have their voice as the only voice we have. They had a lot of info on our parts and triggered us until they found one that would respond. These sort of wealthy upper class establishment English types are mostly probably still alive as they tend to stay out the way and getting near them to take them out has always been impossible for us. They have the population rigged up to protect them and still believe they have all the power because in May, Trump and the EU and other huge institutions in the state they are in they are to be smug because they do. All that winding up lower orders, minorites and women is ever been about is keeping everyone against each other and keeping us too enslaved and traumatized to reach them. But there owners don't want them to know and understand that so they don't.

..We did make out that these lower orders were getting more support than they had though and were getting more from us than they were. The surveillance got messed with and they believed it and would let us kill rapists because we convinced their bosses they were no longer loyal. Very ugly but beautiful. It was not impossible to get people to help us against English Establishment scenes but it had always been very rare to get help from within the British Isles and Ireland.. There was some bull some nastiness involving offers to help us from people who weren't who said they were who were working for people who hadn't told them who they were. A slim chance but something so important it was worth the risk. When it was confirms as nasty bs we had ask someone to stop someone else being pulled into this bull and ended up telling him the whole story. He offered, we gave him the details but didn't think they would manage.

Had us on our arse on the field outside the hospital when we called and said it was done. They had met as planned, it was another very important slaver date and the boys went in shot them all and then ran away. The police and other local horror stories all over the place were not paying attention to anything that was happening they were all engrossed in grossed fiction we had to make up to keep the sick fucks busy. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. We had to do it or their would be no wedding or worse the start of the most wonderful wedding we could give ourself that was then interrupted by very furious and threatened white power satanic slave handlers.

There was a couple of times we thought it might be all over but the support and defense was in place or got their in time. So many people we haven't seen in so long because we had to get them far away from us and slavers or they wouldn't of made it and we needed them to make it to provide security for our wedding at a psychiatric hospital in satanic slaver central. Not our first choice of locations or venues..

It's was good to the see the odd rare non rapey pig wondering about with big smiles on their chops and real tears in their eyes that were not there out of hate and anger..

We've been working on the "about" page again. It is coming along and there might even be some structure emerging! It's called Some words about what words mean to us.. So it's gonna focus on why this exists, a bit about how but we know thats mostly ridiculously complicated hard work so not much, maybe an overview but we might do that separately..

We have come a very long way and done so much too help ourself. We can see it here in our blog and its too late and too complicated for them to just to take it down and quietly dispose of us and everyone else who cares about me.. Thats kinda exciting..

This tree is from a year or two ago.. we freaked out at how good it was starting to look and couldn't go back to it.

We are always want to draw trees. Hope it's not just because of slave brain.

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