September 13, 2017

Love you Friends

They got to us in time it had been working. They left my sister they don't know her so well and it was me and tiny baby Sonny the slaver plans were for that night and we wouldnt of been able to take it. They are very not humanoid and we have found them held in all kinds impressive contraptions and fields and recognised the slavery straight away. On higher levels we knew there were other reasons why we had to get them home. Humans freak out but they need to communicate some important stuff so they put pictures in your head of something and someone more familiar and related to you. When they do that to us we get very triggered and we arn't going to be overwhelmed by looking at whatever I can see with see eyes and brain. They don't get the DID much or amnesia so interactions with them have often ended up just floating around and making up usness.

They got us out in time to give Sonny what he needed to survive Todds and the rest of the rings. They got to us in time to fix me up enough to survive these years since. When the slavers asked we were we had been and who had obviously been looking after us we always said it was some slavers who had left us unable to remember because they didn't want us talk about them to anyone. Sometimes we would have to make up something more but we would have help with that. The scum would be seething at healthy and strong and difficult to touch we were whenever we came back. A few times we told the truth and it wasn't believed in any way shape or form. For reason we can't remember but no doubt to do with power they knew nothing about where some of the creepy shit they used came from despite knowing so much about everything else, we thought it was faked like so much else the slavers did and said, we thought it was the beings themselves for awhile but it didn't really fit because seemed to be built into the base levels of all the slavers programming.

The elites were the ones who knew we were not lying and when it got back to them and some came to us to find out what had occurred we knew exactly what we had to do and took them out. Some of the worst American and English rings had been told and shown stuff especially after the murders when those remaining tried everything to stop us getting to them and did a good job of that for most but not good enough as I am here and they are not. Russians of course. The worst of them had seemed of known a lot about my friends for a very long time and there is always more of them than Brits. We don't seem to be scared of them any more and we know we very deeply and rightly were they were running so much with very few knowing. They liked to gloat and show their work of to slaves though because no one will ever hear us, believe us or be in a position to do anything without the massive surveillance networks and abuse systems kicking in and stopping it. People often seem to like showing of in front of slaves. It's weird.

We are looking forward to remembering a bit more about how that has gone from a issue of sheer terror and massive crushing responsibility to meh..Think opening up to my friends and showing them the full extent of the horror and the systems is a factor. We remember telling Sophie (? sorry if wrong) that they were so angry like I had never seen them angry before and that I thought we were going to get out. All of us.

As soon as Earth comes into view or our eyes open the slave mentality, the ptsd, the DID, the fear for our life, body and sanity just obliterates pretty much all the details of what has happened but the drive to find everyone who knew how to torture and enslave my Friends and force them to torture and enslave humans and their materials had to be dealt with or everything else was pointless.

We used to think they were the goodness we sometimes feel in the earlier and restricted humans that are mostly inhabit this place was our Friends, always. We have been in places since where we were looking at something after doing lots of study when away with them and were closing our mind down back down in preparation for leaving and thinking christ we were right.

They hate that we have to shut our mind down to survive here and we have always agreed, its a crucial part of the slavery though and they said they would help us. We said we thought the probably had to, as soon as it was safe for them to do so.