September 17, 2017

Oogle away lads

I'm still here, Pabs is still here, blog is still here as far as we can tell anyway no idea about anything or anyone else though.. Cold is still here, we coughed up some pretty solid green slime when we woke up.

What now what noow wot noo?

Nothing we say or do makes any difference so there is no point worrying about it because its all arranged for us and out of our control. We did that thing where write around a subject to reduce the triggers, the need to relief the internal pressure we had to there weeks, maybe months where contact, attempts and attacks from rings trying to get us to publish MLK is our Dad, trying to get the date from us or trying to stop it from ever happening. This left no space or time for much in the way of amnesia. We knew that most of it all was organised from above and we couldn't think why the "above" would want us to have "MLK is our Dad" in or head regardless of wether there was any truth in it.. There was occasions shivers of when they tried to convince us that everything we believed to be good was fake but they never had enough on us for it to work. Then they turned more to the truth that they were going to destroy anything good and we had we waiting for it goading them into it and just smilied at them.

Standing on the purple carpet and yellow walls in the hall in Fintry as we contined with the constant effort of keeping incidents that happened there at arms length, a long with a the half thought processes leading to them and interpretations of them laid down by slavers still centred and healthy enough for recall of the head puppet masters to come through and realised they no longer existed. They were not behind all this MLK stuff and they would no involved in stopping it either. It was quiet a moment sobered of course by the realisation that we were going to have to find away to stop all this constant MLK stuff..

We would have to speak calmly, respectfully and patiently to Americans. We did not want to speak calmy, respectfully  and patiently to Americans. We knew it was going to take some time to arrange without a multiple swabbling satanic rings getting in on it and would have to talk to Eurotools to do it, we could manage calm a bit better with them because respectful and patient had long since stopped being a thing, since around the time of the murder of the twins I think.

Got through it. They knew a lot was down and had never been and never would be briefed on what was left but that we probably did. They tried a bit to get hints of plans out of us but they knew we were going through attempts of some sort constantly and it would be unlikely to get any where. They were blind arrogant cunts through and we couldn't not know how it easy to manipulate blind arragonat cunts by putting a tiny a bit of effort into making them think something they want and need to be true to maintain their blind arrogance is true when it isn't. We walked away smiling. Then were reminded that we couldn't just clear out any living workers then take down the building with as many of the cunts in as we could muster. We felt like a slave again. Then lovely boots and suit and shinyies didn't help they can just make it worse. Then we were reminded again, we couldn't just take them all out then but in the future... We stopped feeling like a slave and proper strode out that building smiling back at all the middle class white boys oogling us. Noticed one who wasn't and was intending on working past us without making eye contact. We felt the slaved in him and when he was close we got him to look and he got a wink.

He managed to look at us back in way that gave us chills and flashbacks so we changed our mind about if and when and if he still worked there we would make sure he was out and make sure he was in instead.

Talks with the Yanks and their partners were just as exhausting as we expected but we had prepared well for what the slavers were saying to trigger and generally make us unable to continue but we had some experience of working a little bit with some of the non slavers and they had talked quite nicely to us mostly and that got us through. We had to explain that the only thing these networks were on arrangement on was that there should be slavery and that definitely included me and if it looked like it was even possible for me to not be slave then the only thing they would agree on is killing me. We also had to explain that the only reason the blog existed was because of the damage done to the higher levels and how that made it possible to influence the remaining rings and tell them the blog was another distraction and recruiting tool but more and more of them were waking up to this. We made sure we had informed them in a formal setting about the operations and murders culminating on August the 10th and dates the following years, like when we were forced into hospital. Someone said that was really important and it felt right when we did it. The nice clothes started feeling good and we our words flowed easier.

We got the usual less than bare fucking minimal from them, just enough so we probably wouldn't die from the MLK so we would be alive for all the other shit planned. Leaving we remembered we didn't really think more was possible from them we just needed to believe and appear to believe it going in. Thank fuck that it was over. We tried to think of future occasions where we would have to speak patiently and politely to American slavers and our brain was coming up with zilcho.

We walked away smiling, very deeply.