September 22, 2017


Oh Mum.

We got the whole story of his enslavement from him before he died and recorder it and collaborated it in as many ways as we could. It was so hard but we had to do it and no one else could as well as we could and it was too important we needed to do it for us, for you for everything. These words have been both bright and heavy in our mind for a long time. All the "you and your mother can't feel close again because you will never be able to tell her" shit.. Sometimes if we thought or knew we would get away with it we would tell some slaver tool just to hear the words, our own voices and see the look on his face before ending whoever it was. The few times we didn't we knew they would kill him for mentioning the subject or might even eventually reach someone somewhere who cared.

We put everything into the work and got everything out of it as you can see. We got through the autopsy with DID, drugs and lots of far away support who did or didn't know what was going on.

The look on the wedgies faces when got irritated enough with the brother/uncle gossip and said he was you brother we just made up an identity who could deal with it because his child niece couldn't so we made up an adult fellow slave hard as sister and based her partly on you as we had been trained to do. We told them to remember how during the rape sometimes they start saying that whoever you are can't handle it and then tell you who can this way they create the parts rather you making one up for yourself that you think is really cool and easy to respect. Think it was a scales falling moment for some of them but we didn't really care it never really made any real difference in the long term the were often already well educated and just acted around us that they weren't anyway. Yuck.

He told us everything he knew about the slavery all over the music industry and it was horrible knowing he had gone through all the same stuff we were but helped so much knowing more about how all the tricks all worked. In the circumstances and due to damage it did we gave the Aberdeen scenes a pretty decent brief but they all choose to keep things as they are or went along with those who did. We were still fighting them and that in Dundee and didn't know it was over until there tech support was unloaded of a truck in front of us. We are really struggling to remember what happened next but I think we wanted to use basic Earth tech to see it destroyed and we are remembering an industrial machinery dude wiping tears out of his eyes as he and a couple of others crushed it in a car park and it wasn't out of hate or anger. It took a while it was hard to tell especially from a disinteresed position who out of the gathered crowd was in a state out of relief and who out of horror. We didn't want to look at any of their faces for too long anyway.

We were in a state when you got back and couldn't speak we remember that and you were horrified that it had still been around. Think the little big man is probably going to get away with his screens quite late tonight. Wish we could eat, only cause not eating is starting to bother our tummy and makes triggers worse. Wish we had more drugs, lots and lots of drugs. Loved his attitude to drugs even if he did suffer for it sometimes. Next week is shit money week again and we already quite low on funds. He have him properly again though and thats huge, seeing that he is such a massive part of us and our history.

Love you (reaches for other languages but can't quite reach)


... why are the "girl with a dragon tattoo" people still mostly alive, like JK we don't need to be subtle we are Scottish Rowling, and that toxic old sick bat who wrote "Mary Queen of Scots".. they are not real people.