March 29, 2017

acts of war

As we wrote yesterday, as we often do things change. We become aware of things held back, parts move around so its not a shock we knew all along we just couldn't think or write about it. They started Julia's programming and conditioning to be their route to me, to be their way of destroying me as I was being prepared and trained to destroy them. It was so horrible, they never made her want to but we could never get her safe so could not stop being forced to betray me and Louise. We tried to hope but we always knew and it was impossible not to see the rare times we were together. They way she had no hesitation and didn't question when we told her to help us slaughter a load of zombie us. We also knew she was told to kill Louise back then but we watched her and she couldn't do it. If we had not been there it probably would of been different but we were so she managed to resist. We could feel it. She wasn't trying to trick us into trusting her. She didn't want to, she couldn't. She wanted to be.

We could fight all lot things me and Louise expect what they turned our sister into. We knew there was no real hope of getting out of the predetermination and the slavery while she was alive. We did get some time to talk back in Dundee. Awful, horrific conversations. We told her about the rape and the murder planned for us during the already planned hospital stay off last year. We didn't ask she offered. We offered to make sure she didn't leave after, she agreed and wept with relief. We tried to distance ourself because it felt like we were only seeing what we wanted to see but there is no denying that type of weeping.

So after she had been raped by people thinking she was me and they thought they had what they wanted and let people could move around again afterwards we took her in our arms and talked for a bit. Then she said she ready. We gave her the infection and held her tight, stroking her hair, telling her we loved her. She said the drugs were lovely we agreed. Then she drifted off and as held her we kept our fingers on the pulse in her neck as it slowed, got erratic and then stopped.

One of the agent/officer types hanging around was all shocked. We didn't have much to say to him. We did ask that he didn't tell the Russian's and that we knew that would be very difficult for him because telling the Russian's things that they will use to hurt me is precisely his job. As far as we know when he left the ward there was the sound of a single gun shot. When we all went to check it looked very much like suicide. Back in the ward we said something about how it was easier for people to kill themselves than disobey orders then we saw Julia she was still in the room and we didn't say any more.

Can't remember what the agent/officer types said as the left. We didn't fucking care they are all some cunts minions. There was one that we hated already learned to hate during the previous decades and he was trying to tell us something but it was pointless. They were leaving us on a locked ward with abuser staff, he might of known me and Julia's plan but we could feel the passion to rape and murder us in his colleagues, the fear and disgust that we were still alive but the one that was easier to manipulate wasn't. The hate is so strong you can see it, feel it, taste it in the air.

So there are no twins, no clones and no clones of twins left. Just me. Telling the Russian protectors of RA, trafficking and cultural control that she is just as dead as Louise and I'm still a non binary, anti white power, anti imperialism lefty feminist snowflake and none us at any point got any where your nukes or your nuke staff. They definitely won't blow up where they are if you try and lunch them. Of course not, other than the authorities, the military, the media and the organised tools we love Russians. There are reasons they keep us here in Scotland and not in Russia. They weren't convinced the Russian population would go along with it like the Brits do.

We remember looking at the vial of the drug we gave her. Seeing clearly there was enough left for us to. One of the agent/officer types saw us looking and picked it up and put it away. We weren't really planning it but it was nice to think about before be reminded we are not allowed choose to when die any more than we are allowed to choose anything else.

The women with offical jobs mostly in the police (family safety we have mentioned this before) were around. They work mostly under the mostly male agent/officer types. Think we laughed at them. What the fuck are you use against us now there are both dead? She looked pissed of we weren't scared and able to speak words and went for the obvious threat, "Pablo".
"Good luck with hen" He being protected by people who care about me for obvious reasons and also by people who don't because of the unfit to look after self and various child as weapon against mother reasons. Same as me. They don't want him being properly looked after or living in a culture where he can thrive but they need him alive. They got plans for that boy.