March 20, 2017


We didn't just finish each other sentences we finished each other's ...  ...

No hope of much in the way of mental health after a loss like that. Even without all the other surrounding trauma.

Two appointments today. CPN in the morning. School in the afternoon. Both were fine. Progress being made people ok with that.

Was ok with N being down. Our confidence isn't as low so that makes everything a little better. Zelda of course to and he took the lad swimming while we cleaned that was also good, very good. In the meeting today his teacher said he focused better this morning than she has seen him in a while. Wish we could exercise him properly it makes so much difference to him and his mood.

We picked at out toenails last night. Including a little one until it bled and we were quite close to ripping it off. It was too sore though so we stopped. We don't feel as vulnerable to being effected by things our visitor says or his general attitude but it's still tricky because of stuff at levels we haven't bagged and tagged yet.

Think that was one of the many things you told us to not worry about especially at this point.