March 10, 2017

We are stopping the work on twins even if it costs both our lives..

Bed day today. Getting the lovely clean bedding all messed up with bits of baccy, hash. ash and chocolate.  The lad is at school though and it's Friday. We know what our job is this now and it is to remember you and the terror that if I talk about you, if I am with you if they even think I am thinking about you they will kill you. Of course they had no idea how we were in touch. Master manipulators of our own and each other's DID. They had no chance the Russia specialists could tell a hell a lot more about us but we had both made sure they did't do that much because it was too risky for them. What does it matter who they took as to if the people taking us there couldn't tell me were all awake and all prepared and very much focused on ridding the planet of certain skill sets. We were both a bit jealous that we couldnt do it all and had to send Russians or other stateless trafficked freaks like us to deal with people and places that while we were elsewhere with clean hands.

There was no way we couldn't do it, there was no way they wouldn't find out it was us and there was no way they would be letting it go. We were a bit surprised at some of people and communities that were working hard to protect us both but it was too late. They had no idea what they were up against and how physically close to them it either already was or could get very quickly.

They mentioned you when we first started taking dude to that school didn't they? Not that we could of written about it then but it was one of the mental triggers that was pulled on us then at the school. We knew it was planned and at least had some words to say so there wouldn't be that thing where they all sit and stare with cold eyes while you drown. Think the neighbour said the police told her when she lost her lad that was a twin. I'm not sure if we said something about it all still being to traumatic for us to talk about or hear about especially when it comes from police who spent our entire lives telling us that we don't exist while producing and spreading total fiction about us to everyone else.

Bit of a conversation stopper if we did. Saying things that stop a conversation dead isn't usually something we struggle with.

Seeing them all standing around pretending they gave a fuck. We have never hated Britain more.

So what's the deal with Russia, Masonic networks in Europe and America and white male supremacy? Must be bugging to be in a position to wonder those questions and wonder who knows what but not have all the answers..