March 18, 2017

I can't do anything about the I.D but should really try move on from Louise's Spotify list.

What else is lost with Louise? Well not just relationships and good feelings about people but most of both mine and your will and motivation to fight for Earth. She saw so much potentials and good here much easier than me or you. We just saw scorched earth. We made sure she knew everything we did, she did but there was a different emphasis and an interpretation of something me or you couldn't anywhere with. She had beautiful points that were totally recognisable as her but there was something else to. Something that really bothered us. Fucking Satanic bastards. The Earthlings were destroying the one of us that cared about Earth  the most because they didn't want their privileges question or criminality exposed. Seeing that makes us want to fight for this shit hole. Just to piss the fuckers off. Not to die for obvious but enough to fight pretty fucking hard for here, for her.

It was a shame. She heard some of us and your conversations about her and her attitude to here and what here was doing to her. She said she didn't mind because she heard how much we loved her. There was a bit of her that rigidly believed that where ever me and you are going she couldn't come. She considered herself a liability because of the damage and we said, "Louise if they are accessing something in your head that keeps us vulnerable then we can take it out and put some other shit in." That what she had made her way more safe than me or you and our 100% wet ware. They were very good a hurting wet wear. They had no fucking idea what she was partially running. She would look at me doubtfully and say something about how as amazing as we were we couldn't create the true potential of wet ware. Impossible to argue with of course but a totally different point.

She had a plan. Or thought she did. We did get to the bottom of it but its not something we could recall you know what those levels are like. We have a sense of how heartbroken we were. How much love and respect we felt for her and the blinding burning dissociating determination to destroy everything that pushed her to that place.

I mean seriously "world" how the fuck would we not know what you were doing to her? Even if I was the only other one. You've been fabulously played on grand impressive scales but we don't feel you are going to have the luxury of pretending otherwise for much longer. Extremely big bets were placed without attempts to assess all available information and disregarding a lot of very relevant material. Things are out of anyone's control. Hopefully! And likely soonish if not already.

Tired of mourning could of beens.