No more hospitals

Struggled with being irritable today but we missed a couple of days anti depressants because of the change to taking them after tea so we don't end up chucking up the pill and half a stomach of bile. Don't think twice about taking whatever you need to end this. It's what it's there for. We are trying not think about keeping the lad entertained during the summer holidays and starting to save for a computer. Such thoughts arn't as hard on us as last year and so much has happened but you know how it works. It can so heavy and so permanent before someone has even shut the door never mind months later.

Breathe. Be little. That's always the problem falling or being shoved into pretending we are a big girl. We need to go into to town and get another fairy. Having only two isn't right is it? I think they had different ones and we would like maybe a bigger one for her because she isn't here to demand her's is the same as ours.

That would cut down our Hyrule time though..

We will see.

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