March 04, 2017

"Sorry Sir but I'm not giving Steve Bannon or any of his mates me or my sister's eggs and that isn't negotiable."

They didn't want us thinking or talking about about her. Some because they are still pushing line about neither of us existing, some because they didn't want people knowing she was dead and also because they didn't think the loss, the amnesia and everything that has happened over the past few years would be survivable. To some killing one of us would always be a step in getting rid of us both, others figured would be much more manageable without Julia.

We were thinking about the service yesterday and the working out before hand who we needed there, who we would be happy to see there and who should definitely not be there. I'm so glad we were able to do that or parts of it anyway and could say something on the day. Everyone did amazing work. The place was so beautiful and so many people were in as much of a mess as we were it was kind of wonderful. Marshall sharing what feds had told him what had been done to her brain and what we had done and been doing to bring her back. We hadn't be able to tell many people about that, at all, ever. We told her when she was able to start asking questions it is so important to be able to ground yourself in reality when you are fighting this shit, regardless of what that reality is. All those agents and institutions pushing the "complex lies are essential to keep you safe" line its profascist crap and we always knew it. And they don't have her or most of their tech anymore so we don't have to find ways to try and tolerate it. We had a twin. They wanted us to be their slaves and help them enslave others we wouldn't they kept trying to force us and then killed her. "They" is international networks that can reach pretty much anywhere on Earth but the architects are from and based mostly in Western Europe with the especially the UK and Russian where it has been going on the longest. France needs a mention to because of the Knights Templar.

Empires and colonialism, war, culture, capitalism and politics it's been all over it for along time and is currently trying to roll back rights for everyone through the populist right wing coups currently ongoing on long prepared for. As you can also see. It might not all go according their plans which are of course based on fiction..

I need my sister.

We can't let them kill us both. We used to safe and she said to, a few times, near the end especially. It feels like it was weeks ago, not years. That's the oppression and denial for you though. And maybe being a twin to. There was lots of us. Sets of twins where one had chunks of them removed and the remaining twin was forced to work with them to help hide the damage while protecting whatever programming they were instilling. Far from the only one to be left without their other half, which is a little comforting but doesn't really touch the overwhelming sense of devastation all that much either.

We were asked by those that had her remains and have been asked before if we had been created using natural processes. We can't remember any detailed answers just saying that we believed they had ways of encouraging what happens when identical twins are created naturally and even asked to bring those specifics back. We would either have to bluff or say outright that no we were not bringing home human cloning techniques to white supremacists as I was already currently engaged in trying to get human cloning techniques out of the hands of white supremacists. We've been asked why. We have given various answers from, "Don't like it Sir it's all false." to "Lots of my favourite people are white.", "It's bad for the economy." or "White people are scum Sir their day is over." but the truest is the most simplest and easiest for us all to keep centred on, "No one should have a life like me or my sister." When possible or just "like I'm living" when it wasn't.

It was usually the answer that resulted in the most silence from whatever it was asking the questions to.

I love you Me.