March 26, 2017

You ladies triplets? .. Nah Sir we're cousins..

Happy Mother's Day Sister Mother!

Thank you to all the bairns that got us to buy our self flowers & do whatever we can for ourself when they can't.

Feeling pretty crappy to be honest. The kid narrating Zelda from the other room is not helping. Any chance you could take him for a wee while?

Will go through and join him soon. The tearfulness is never that far away. She was our main mum wasn't she? That's why we went to such extremes to keep her alive. She choose to not leave us and wouldn't allow us to stop her. I know you would have done the same if you could of. We felt so guilty for not being able to get and keep her away like we did you. She decided she was our last line of defence when everything else failed and no one stopped her.

We said it was all just part of their master plans. To make her the only thing we have had here and then take her away so I would we easy pickings. She was very confident I would not be easy pickings and there would be a way for us to forgive people for their complicity in her life and death. That is the bit that worried us most deeply then and now. The don't kill them keep them slaves cartels usually get the upper hand because they are better connected, better educated and more presentable than the slaughter and rape now addicts. We couldn't help thinking it would be so much better if I died and she lived. I could program her in ways no one could touch. You know she did not see anything in those kind of terms though.

"Trust me." She would say and we knew we had to trust someone and no one else was remotely appropriate. We knew we could giver her access to all our systems and she could do what we couldn't with them because she had not been living with them and being tortured over them. "All that stuff we didn't get." I explained they were looking for which ones of us had it and it was very important that they didn't find out that was part of why we couldn't tell either of you.

Ug. gotta go.

Love to all.