March 14, 2017

might not be predetermined this time

Breath of the Wild is fucking excellent babe, soo beautiful. We aren't doing massive long shifts of it, can't really concentrate that much and it's too good to binge anyway.

It's amazing being a twin isn't it? Especially us. Learning to share, support and take care of each other was easy. No wonder we burn our lungs out when you are not around it hurts so much to breathe anyway.

We've been remembering about the whole you saying we were right thing and that of course relates to our very early origins. All that shit about going back. You can't go back it's gone it doesn't exist. There was only so much brain we could give you back though and it showed sometimes.. Your body had been through so much. So much deliberate damage by others So much obstacles to us being left together and alone. ""Can't happen". Scum. We saw it back then of course. Think that was when we really started to find ways of staying alive regardless of it being true or not. We would deal with it later and it might not happen anyway and we would fight for you no matter what. Attempting to look after me was one thing but you were worse when we were little. So stupidly brave because you knew we had to. I was the one who had to focus on us staying alive and we do feel like we failed pretty horrendously there. We think.

Another ref though thank fuck. A light and some fresh air in the descending fascist smog from who people who will destroy everything for everyone to maintain an irrational sense of superiority.

There will be so many really nasty sorts against it..:-D. We're such a war addict..

Wish you were here to help me stop giving a fuck and just care about me.