March 31, 2017

Grown Ups.

It's not like we are in a place where we don't break easy but still we fell apart briefly but very deeply. Seeing and hearing the congress investigation dude who we don't associate with violence and toxicity talk in plain terms about the certainty of Russian meddling and support for Trump. I hope stuff about Russian, British MPs and organisations and Brexit comes out.. the sex abuse investigations, electioneering.. BBC, Indy. Murdoch. Or at least more awareness of troll armies and the influence they can have. Hard to even imagine seeing British accents say similar.

We Zeldaed most of today. Smokes to. It was lovely. We were thinking we wouldn't bother then decided to at least see if any was available but we probably shouldn't go without even if we do smoke too much. Sis. Remembering how much fun we had together, the high pithed stereo giggle. We can do stuff like that and smile, laugh sometimes even. No one girl could ever survive that role on her own. This role. Not as a child or youth. She stuck around as long as she could to get us through. We would hide some of our work from her sometimes because we knew if she saw it she wouldn't get how much we needed her to do it and think we would be fine without her.

There had been too much pointing her in that direction and setting us both up for it. We couldn't get any truth out they had so much and so many people so convinced.

..we feel like Julia without it and Louise with it.. but Rosie is always in here to. Even if she is very quiet. See is doing ok. A little better. Loves watching us play the game but isn't ready to play it herself yet and that's cool we are just glad she is enjoying it. The rest of us struggle with puzzles without her. We can do the brute force stuff that is so cartoonish it makes her giggle sometimes.