March 01, 2017

Extreme actions were justified.

At least we know right? All that knowing something utterly devastating had happened but we have to keep it out of our mind because we are already dealing with too much already we weren't sure we could make it. Dude is her's. Like we said we weren't sure  about carrying him but we definitely breast feed him. She hated it anyway. Dumb sickos can't tell one female from another even when we couldn't look any different never mind us when aiming to confuse.

It wasn't like we were the first set of twins to be created to be treated in the way we were. It didn't start with the Nazi's either. After the wars the people involved in organising and protecting it worked for States and were doing it with military budgets and other twentieth century resources..  It all sounds like right wing fake news we know, we saw the size of the operations against anything anywhere that promoted universal basic rights before they happened. They used us as much as they could so both of us had to keep ourselves and each other stupid to limit what they got from us. It had be tailored over centuries, "how to keep a person a subservient slave and exploit them to their full potentials without loosing those natural abilities for longer.."

But yeah it was really presidential if you like your presidents to be the villians from lego movies.


We know people are needing us to say it, the line about hating Tory Britain and everything it stands for but at least they didn't make our Jimmy Savile P.M.

I don't know if the information getting out late as usual will make any difference. We were already lost. So was everyone else. Like we were interested in those conversations? "Sorry our ignorance about yourself and the nature of reality in general has meant we have been working initimately with your slavers and your childrens' slavers while we refused your calls and it cost both of you everything including your sister's life but aspects of Russia, U.K and U.S and others are really really bad and have really awful things are ongoing and worse planned will you help us?..

Gonna drink some tea. Take a break from the vino. Don't think we will handle be in room with lad and TV too teary.