March 08, 2017


Hey Sis,

International Women's Day today. It puts some good stuff on the news and on the TL but it can be reminder of how shit things are to.  The new social worker was round and was actually quite glad because it got us off our arse and did some hoovering and dishes. Knackering though. We are so out of shape. Forced into the shower to which we would of done anyway to wash all the crap the hairdresser put in it. Love washing our hair for the first time after its been chopped. It's so short at the back. Not so sure about the fringe its getting in our face and bugging as a bit but its cool we needed the change. And to stop pretending we are you.

A couple of people have been viewing old blog posts and its good to see the titles in the stats without the veil covering you and us back then.

Wish you were here so we could laugh at Wikileaks and the CIA. So you would be sitting on the couch next to us watching world leaders on tv with  us. Saying "ooooh" and "wow" and "fuck" while playing the new Zelda with us. Wish you were here to help with our son of course to. Really, really wish you were here for him.