April 07, 2017


We were together with no one to tell us what to do or look after us either. It had become essential that we did that. For our own survival and that of anyone who truly cared for us and it was ok and good sometimes but really hard to because we were all so little and had to find ways to get food and shelter. They started getting closer and closer though it became harder and harder to keep the three of us safe and they got her. We were in a shed type thing she had found and tried to make homely. We had laughed together there. It was maybe how they found us. She was just so happy the three of us we together it seemed completely natural to her that we would be alone and adultless. They got her. He surprised us and grabbed her and pulled her away from me and Louise one day.  We didn't understand why she didn't or couldn't fight with everything she had and then we saw her limp in his arms and knew she couldn't. We thought maybe we could get her back then but Louise had her arms round my waist and wasn't letting go and he ran away with her. We were both screaming.

It wasn't any fun without Julia so we both put everything into surviving and practising at making us indistinguishable from each other and surviving wherever we ended up together, taking it in turns to be her when we could because it was only thing that made us feel better.