April 05, 2017


There is no way of going back. "Forgiveness" is absolutely untenable. Which doesn't mean nothing but hate and a utopia before it. Someone said "She never stopped fighting the Russians. None of them did." and we saw the bottom finally fall out your programmed world we felt so many others break at realising you didn't know that.

With most people when you get down to facts and details where and are not in a position to do much about what was going on. Which is not to excuse violent subjugation just that it is they stopped it would continue for us and when and if people tried they had no idea what they were up against and were easy pickings. But you lot. You knew all three of us. You knew there was three of us for a start when parts of the evil and just plain wicked CIA still don't fucking know. They are not happy about that. Both sides of the isle not happy about that. They couldn't keep us alive if they didn't know how many of us there even was.

We told you it was important that our enemies didn't not know but our friends did but we never could get you or keep you in a place where you didn't always get it the wrong way round. You weren't ours. You were British and you took orders according to rank and respected your superiors. When someone suggested we got the Royals involved to see if they could get you to see the light. We knew straight away it wouldn't work because you were not "British" you were not working for Liz you were working for Satanic Russians (God bless you Mother Russia we will always fight for you but never for them).

We almost felt like a Royalist for a moment and we resented that were deeply but came not to resent the bonds. They arn't always there but we are not in a position to be judging that much but when they are they are brilliant.

You were the only people in a position to make a real difference and you groomed and seduced into believing the worst about us even when we were tiny. We used to say it was because you were scared of what we are and what we can do but there was always one of us that didn't buy that. They said it would work because you were white men and they knew how to control white men they had been doing it a very long time and they were right. That sounds like it probably came more from European Knights than Russian Satanists but the European Knights were and are all dumb as fuck its Russians that were the brains of it all in our lifetimes anyway.

It is actually fascinating history and of course I wasn't as much focused on finding out about it as much as I was the resistance to it we wanted so much when we were little to being sharing it with you and be out digging and discovering with you but we couldn't. We had to go to others so often to get their help to survive it or none of us would have lasted as long as we did.

So no there can be no forgiveness.