April 18, 2017

Surveillance Surveillance Surveillance and Extreme Violence

Washed and dried our bedding on the line yesterday so of course we need to stay in it this morning and get it all less clean. Pretty confident we will manage to pull ourselves out later on to do more cleaning. The kitchen is much better. It's between the garden and the rest of the house so if the outside if pulling us it gets easier to keep it from getting too bad. There's plants, seeds and furniture on the way. That will definitely motivate. Lad has promised to assist with the bench that has been in the house in a box for almost a year..

Can't seem to catch CNN not being shit as much as we did. There's Al Jazeera of course if we can stomach the blood. Go for the bairns. How original. How brave. How effective..

 Steady stream of meetings being exposed between Dumpists and wealthy Russians though on twitter. Bits here and there about European countries to. Not Britain so much. Expect that stuff with the important website going down and an important time and stuff connecting Farage and Assange. But nothing much and nothing that had any real effect..

When we were working with U.S agents who at least believed they were telling us the truth and not going to be part of shutting us down it would be heart breaking watching them trying to get their heads round right wing Russia and Britain and US media connections with the available information. They still had lots of respect for their British colleagues and where no where near seeing/accepting that they had been playing them the whole time. We hinted to a couple of them who we could see by the look in their eyes and the work they were submitting they would going to be letting any of it go that maybe the should consider looking further back than they had been.

They found me on my way to being pulled out of there and sent back to rape based stuff. Again there eyes gave them away it was a massive relief that we needed to survive the next months and years, they were getting somewhere. In a typical North American manner looks are not enough for them and they said a bunch of stuff that confirmed and some that were getting somewhere.

The break up of the UK seems so much more likely than it did. Proper exposure here seems impossible as ever of course. The links between the shit we have written about across the blog are out there. We would ask them in Russia why if they wanted to destabilise everything everyone why they wanted to protect the existence of the U.K so we would be repeatedly told in varying detail and bluntness about the shared interests and culture. Thee was bugger all point in sharing this stuff with Brits but we gave it a go pretty much for the fun of it anyway. Different story with the Yanks. There was a few who said it was all fake and we knew they would we just wanted to expose them to it anyway, a few who were triggered in an extreme manner and attempted to take us out then and there or arrange something for later if that was not practical but there were others who equally horrified by the material and British full involvement in what Russians were doing in the UK.

Full involvement with all the large scale awareness and consent that involves. Yuck Sir. We've caught ourself half wishing we hadn't held Daddy get safer and bit better because we knew he would ask as soon as he would ask about it and no would can ever be ready to hear or speak such stuff. Britain, Russia, R.A, established authorities, Us'es. He would here everything we would safe and when we could would get someone to take him to sites where are people where working with the evidence and tell him and show him stuff we will never be old enough to. We would hide and cry when he came back and spend the whole time fretting when he was away. If there was anyone around they would usually be able to get it out of us that Daddy was being told the worst stuff about Britain and they would help distract and comfort us.

He often cry to when he did get back, he would usually say he was proud of us and a couple times he was shaking and was just so quiet and pale and would just sit on the edge of his bed staring. We put our hands around his and wrap ourself around him as best we could. If he wept we knew it was a good sign it would be he would be able to rest and have a chance at being okish. We would be wound so tight until he did. One time people kept asking us what was wrong and when we said and they told him he told us he was okay he didnt need to cry this time we ok and then asked if was okay if we could sing to him and got him to cry that way. He hugged us properly again then, laughing and crying at the same time.

None of any of that was even imaginable over here. At any point then or now.