Good Friday

We got away with the money situation because of money going in early because of the holiday. Delivery food, wine, weed. All much appreciated. The lad as requested reading time be reinstated and we agreed as long as we get to choose at least half of the time, that way we can get him to read stuff we want him to read. The earlier end of screen and bed time makes it easier to agree to and probably is a factor in him asking to as well. Go him into Worst Witch last night. Think he said at teeth brushing time that he has just finished the third. They're not that long..

Did some gardening today. There is purple violas that have survived from last year in one of the hangers. The painted ceramic one so thats pretty cool. It's been quite an inspiration. 

Got him to do some watering yesterday that always goes down well. Chucked some miracle grow about to. There is a two other types of survivors from last year (very hardy annuals?) The lots of little white flowers stuff which is starting to bloom and stumpy lupiny type things. That are in a few different colours we believe but are just greenery and buds at the moment. Nothing much from the edge of the fence survived. It's too popular with cats and isn't deep enough or big enough. There is one little purple something that is either from the wild flower packs but could be something else. The pot of pinks at the back door must also be an well hardy annual. They are going mental with cool greyish greenery and buds. That makes them easy to water.

He moaned of course but we enlisted him dead leaf gathering and weed pulling yesterday. Today i picked out the moss between the slabs and pulled even more. The cabbagey stuff is pretty satisfying to pull up but the doc.. is doc. Got a few of the twisted carroty fuckers though all with cover our hands in doc juice with the gloves still in the cupboard. Yeah we ordered night scented stock seeds, two different kinds, pinks and blues. We have managed it before and we love it. And some plug plants for the baskets that still have ivy in them and lots of lots of weed. The pots of course will need to be de cat shitted before anything new goes in them.. New baby plants will make that easier..


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