April 16, 2017


It's raining! Not a lot but enough to make coming back to bed and opening this up seem like the only logical thing to do. Had a peek out the back door. Same patten as last year and the one before probably. Spring holiday flattenedness that gets a bit better just before the schools go back and we are getting the rubbish and the weeds out the back garden while the dishes in the kitchen are piled dangerously and we are down to using bottle openers to get the tea bag out our tea. We washed some cups and stuff the boy needs most yesterday and there is a single steak left from when Niall was here for him later that will go down very well.

Thought we would sleep better considering we did some physical activity, over smoked though of course and had to get up to eat the last of giant whole nut the shop was selling for £1:50, in the dark. It was fucking glorious. That combination of nutty savoury crunchiness and decent smooth chocolate.. The frazzles a bit late were a bit much for some of us but someone was demanding them and we know whoever was asking as gone with a lot of their needs unheard and unmet so we thought we should do whatever we can when we can..

Where are you at? We hear some of you hollering. Well.. Bro thoughts and Dad thoughts and being raped by non white high profile American males in Dundee with the help of the local rapey fas. Rings in systems where things often seem exactly as they are. Which of course as well can all now was and is supported by white male Russian supremacy and Dumpists. We want/don't want to say "Jessie and Dre" but there was definitely others. As usual once the main objectives are achieved agents turn up and stop it pretending that they were trying to stop it or would of stopped it if they had known when they were making sure real people didn't know and being a major part in the apparatus of it all.

There are memories of sharing the history and the nature of the over lap between the British and Russian right in full grotesque detail and feeling convinced when whoever we were telling saying we came to right place with it all. When it came to sharing it with English speakers we were so fucking exhausted. When they asked who else we had shared it with and we said automatically "Just you" to see a reaction we were too tired and bored to care about and they believed of course because of the way we said and because they know fuck all about fuck all. Then we would just shake our head at them and loose all motivation to go through the next lines. It was much more fun with Europeans and Canadians. There was a universal eyebrow raising and words or noises that could be translated into Scots as "Did ye aye?".. Then we would all have a laugh and I would give them a run down of where we had been and where we are going and what if any consequences it would have.

They were generally impressed. Some places all lot more sombre than others. There was an atmosphere of people who have know they have fucked up catastrophically and are not in positions to avoid or ignore the consequences. Better than being in places where they are pretending it is all normal, ignorable, fiction or maintainable.

Yep. Anything about black mostly male rich US popular culture blokes, Russians and RA still has the power to have us quaking.

More tea but with sugar this time.

It's not a scene where we ever did not know who our Dad was. That was their initial hook.