April 05, 2017

Don't ever come back

Today has been worse so far. We did manage to put in a big order with Asda yesterday that came today so we ate, they do this twin pack of extra special coleslaw and potato salad that we really like so we had that, some salad, ham and Ceaser dressing coz you know the potato salad and coleslaw didn't come with quite enough goop..

Stuck in last years hospital traumas mostly but some from Dundee are doing the rounds as well. We are reasonably confident that Jessie is an utter cunt. Little flashes of the work me and sisters did together side by side but there wasn't much of that. Sometimes the closest we got to each other is being taken to the same place that another had just been taken from. Or being abused by the same people.

I don't know what had just happened but I saw them standing close to the ward and didn't want to speak to them but knew they wouldn't go away until we did and there was a resistance plan that would be triggered by us going over there to hear the Brit soliders that we wrote about looking after us when we were little accuse me of murdering Louise. The main bloke that turned them started his shit but it just made us dissociate more so we couldn't make out what he was saying. Then we remembered, took a little step back and gave the nod for the sniper to take the shot. As discussed.. years before.

The rest of them were on the ground. We just stood there covered in splatter looking at them. We didn't think the lads would be as big a threat to us once that particular horror story was gone and we wanted them to know what they had been doing and who they had been working with for twenty years or so. They were being fed the crap me and sisters made up to stop abusers knowing who we really were and had believed it.

We heard someone call Rosie behind us and it was a woman who worked on the ward who had been sent out to bring us back in. She looked shocked initially at the corpse on the ground and the blood we were covered in but got it together pretty quite and ushered us back inside. There was a daughter mother there. She had clean clothes for us and held us why we cried. Thank you.

She couldn't stay though. The lads came in. We wished they hadn't. We were not interested in apologies, explanations as to why they had been so utterly turned or providing them with any more information for them to either ignore or exploit at our expense. We told them to go away and never come back. We asked if they knew how many grandkids there was, he said he didn't know and we said we didn't either as at any given time at least one of us was usually being used for breeding. Three of us over twenty years of ovulating thats a lot. We told them to go back to their families, their homes, their relationships, their careers, their cars, their social lives and their fucking holidays abroad.

Someone asked us if it was okay for them to talk to them after the worst was dead back when the plans were being made. Not just to show them what had actually been going on, how Louise had actually died, how Julia had lived and died but he had other plans to that didn't mean much to us we were to dead inside but told him sure why not. Couldn't make things any worse.

They never got the only non white dude though. His lack of privilege compared to them meant he was in a much better place to spot evil bullshit. We took him to our dad. He could tell which one of us was which before he had even opened his eyes and we all loved that. Dad took one look at the state of our soldier and said, "You didn't tell him who I am.."

"Nah. We thought it was best coming from you. Evil CIA." He agreed and hugged us lots.

It's not impossible. Weed could turn up today. Hope so cause we need to split up the meat packs before freezing them or tonnes will end up going in the bin. Also of course so we won't feel so awful.