April 10, 2017

smoke eat drink

Ach we're fine. Just can't stop consuming. Chocolate and weed. Nipped out for baccy this evening we should of got it when we went to shop earlier but when we went back in the evening we went buy ourself and the air was nice, we got wine to. They have two French reds with a pound off.. Couldn't walk past that. That area was bare last weekend what with bloody Mother's Day. Got cheesy Doritos to. Got old El Paso salsa salad and wraps ealier on to go with the chicken that we did indeed stick in the oven for slightly longer than necessary. We should of cooked the pastry and made gravy to but we couldn't, could of eaten it if someone else had though. We did eat most of the wrap.. He had the instant mash the co-op does that is pretty fine and corn on the cob with his.

Been spending on Amazon too.. with plans to spend more soon.. We have ordered tops for us and that as you know is really fucking difficult, we will see what arrives and if it fits, is a material that doesn't make our skin crawl, a colour that doesn't make us cry or kill people, a shape that won't make us think we are either of you.. Ordered another sleep tshirt to. It would be difficult but probably a good idea to start letting the ones we have go.. And trainers for us, the lightweight kind like the ones we borrowed in the hospital. There is yo ky stuff coming for Pabs. The money was there so we ordered a game of life yo ki whateveritsfuckingcalled version, he asked that we start reading to each other again.. We wish that was easy for us to give him but we do struggle a lot with the way he talks to us and there is always so much going on in here it is not easy. We know sometimes we literally have to force ourself to hang out with him and end up having a really good time though to.

Gawd we hate seeing cunts with their bairns safely seated in the back going and coming back from places. It's worse now that driving around here sounds tricky but not impossible. It's fucking April people. What are you waiting for? They are already shutting down borders. You know what happens next.

This was supposed to be a positive post.. Gonna get new pony shes fabulous.. just put new pics on twitter.. couldn't handle the big hair any more..

..don't leave us on our own..