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It might of been us you know. That was grabbed from that shed when three of us had escaped and were hiding and living there together. It had to be me because the other two were all too little and they wouldn't be able to protect themselves or the rest of us from the systems that bloke and his associates handed us over to. We hadn't had enough time to teach them or tell them enough, then hadn't seen enough. We hadn't counted on how much the other two would never let us go though and for how much of it it wouldn't of mattered which of us they had. At the centre of it all though was something we believed only we could face and if we faced and failed it would determine millions of years of more and worsening slavery for pretty much everyone everywhere.

Some of the groups were running a line where they told us something like that, thinking it was fiction and they became so useful for us. It was believed they could learn more from watching us with people who were less smart and knew less than attempting to interact with us themselves because this triggered us into acting like I was a normal kid they just picked of the street or out of a family home. They couldn't budge us from that state and knew the longer the more they spent with me the more I would be learning who and what they were. It's not like that was really all that limiting. We always messed up when we forgot how much we had to hide and over heard one of them saying that it didn't matter if I was unconscious one way or another I would still be learning and the drugs got away from us because we remember feeling kind of impressed he knew that and another of them picked up that we had responded to something.

We were surprised further at how much they seemed to by buying whatever we said about what we had just responded to and was terrified they would see again. It was that terror that probably saved us. They didn't believe the real one would be scared, one of them was particularly certain of that because he had seen it. We had know idea what he was talking about or if it was us but how did he not get I would be different in different situations but we knew many sides were making and altering all kinds of footage and docs. Another one, the worst of the three of them that were interrogating us said he thought we never stopped listening, never stopped thinking, never stopped watching and never stopped lying because he saw it in us, little things.

We said we weren't listening to them we were listening to us'es and remembering. They wanted to know more and we acted hesitant and shook and stuff before bring forth our drama freaks and they bought it. It wasn't bullshit. It was just that they couldn't imagine it both things could be true. When they thought it wasn't us some of them would be lot less horrible. One in particular was suspiciously nice but he blew it by giving himself away by saying something we had only heard being pushed by the Brit networks and was so relieved when knew he was working for them both that's how he knew it was us, he told us straight out in later years. We started being nicer to some of less worst others convincing them of particular parts and working on what to say when he presented his "proof". Think it finished him when he tried when he didn't have much because he was convinced them were going to out him anyway.

We were left standing staring at whatever he had brought in. Stone slab with human made marks, forgetting again that we had to not be us and one of them saw it and we saw it dawning in his eyes. Briefly. Before we realised we might get away with them not existing now that the Brit was gone.

Back in Blighty when we said they all lost it and killed each other they were not buying it but we were not putting any effort into convincing them of anything than the unlikeness of us giving them any reliable information about anything. They were confident they would get the information from their "other sources" we didn't know if they meant they would access our parts at another time or had other people. Either way we knew the only ones who knew, the only ones who could speak it would not be the ones to be telling them.

When we were in hands of the central shit though we were right. It did have to be us, this system, supported by all the others yes but it had to be this wet ware. Whatever had briefed us had been right. Someone had to be prepared for this to stop it and no fucking way would you be giving it to any more than one person because that would only add to all the serious inhumanity. It worked. We convinced them they had the wrong one and we came out of knowing the centre, just had been predicted by some with no idea what they were dealing with. Just everything else ever to deal with. As Dad says though there is no point in trying to fix anything else if you can't get any where with the centre. Then he would remind us that yes unfortunately we were his favourite because of all this and because we needed it.

Ok. Back to bro. He was with the three of us. At the very beginning. There was others we think. They are not the other two. We have a strong sense of more than one person telling us to spell out to "bro" what that early beginning and breeding means. Horrifically stretched women. Multiple multiple pregnancies is as about as much as we can stomach at the moment. Their are posts where we go into or at least allude to more details.Wraps, tanks, clips, egg shaped stones of different sizes. And all that was before modern Western science and tech.

Told the lad we would have a writing day if that was okay with him. He says he was fine. We assist with Breath of Wild at some point. Duvet and tunes is good this now though.

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