April 10, 2017


How can we be almost out of weed we got a half ounce on Wednesday. Yeah it was a bit wet but still and maybe he ripped us off a wee bit but still..

We had someone witness a call. A call from a sister who was far far away. And in the hospital there was times when we knew exactly what was going on and what we were doing. Did we drug the other one and stick her in a metal box? Some prick asked "What's that?" as we wheeled her out to the transport. Can't remember what we said but he didn't question it and didn't check. Kept it very brief with the delivery people. They were supposed to be scum but weren't and we were all worried about doing something that exposed that.

Then they were off. We went back in not worried about losing the struggle against programming and triggering and remembering the truth because we had done what we needed to do. All their messing with us would make us more anxious and confused which would keep all the abusers smug and satisfied and make us much more likely to believe whatever we were told and whatever seemed to be going on.

What good is possible though?

Possible isn't going to make sure he brushes his teeth tonight, possible isn't going to clean the kitchen, or get us to go outside or make us safe.

Love u.