May 27, 2016

Beyonce in Dundee..

starring in torture tapes with assorted victims filmed on location with Fintry's best loved sex offender Elaine Smith!!

Cant remember exactly what had been going on or how long it had been going on but we were really ill and in agony, couldn't think. As well as Pabs location they were trying to get info and control events on now, May 2016. From us. Back then. Sitting on the floor near the door to Pabs room though we were coming round enough to know where we were and to remember we were sitting where Francis's body was, with Beyonce standing where Ann, or was it Sam? was. That helped.

Once folk got us to a better place internally after that one of the first things was Pablo had to be out the country and stay out the country and it was probably going to be necessary a times to keep him moving and we must not under any circumstances be told where he is.

Can't remember how much Beyonce and company paid for a search and destroy operation on six year old Pablo River Stuart. Something stupid. Particularly as it failed.

"Yeah there's only one person on Earth that I know of that could help finding someone like that."
"His Ma.."

Back on the floor in the dark. We are using her name as much as and trying make out like we are stronger and more awake than we are so they pull her out of there.

"so basicly I get to parent Pablo or he gets to live" She agrees. "Well I wouldnt be a very good parent if I let you slaughter him would I" She didnt like. Think we started talking about the threats about the kid over here.
JZ opens the door to the closey and tells her its time to go. He's never far when's she's working and a whole crew. They dont do any sneaking around or any kind of work on their own. Never have.

Wonder how many times we watched. Usually from the floor, injured, tied, drugged, pregnant, whatever. Usually to the man when we were really little. Then JZ but others to of course. As they left they made more promises to have Pabs killed. We weren't on our own for long before people came to us and helped us feel less scared for Pabs.

So many fucking years of it.

"Why don't you just kill her?"
"No we can't"
"You said we could do whatever we wanted?!"
"Yeah but only if they let us."

I am the mountains, I am the sea.. you can't take that away from me.