May 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Quine

"I put in the fucking pre nup John. If he calls us that name and not our own at that time we arnt just over we never happened."

"I didnt realise you were married."

"Well how can I be? I can't own property. The only name we have ever recognised isn't legally recognised in general anywhere." There was a soft of moan we could feel him burn in the silence after. We didnt want to continue but it felt it might be really important to our survival that we did.

"It's not just about me.. With me and Louise being so close.. If that happens.. thats gonna be it for her. She cant take any more and I'm not going to force her to. It's just too much for too long. Human hearts, even if they look fine.. they just stop. It something we needed to know as kids.. That all this would end for us one way or another. It's just too much.. year after year.

The burning was furious. It was huge, enraged star. We didnt make any sound.

Sitting on the curb in Dundee last summer we could see and hear uniform getting frantic waiting for Louise to come back a few feat away. We got up walked over and knelt next to them and told him she wasnt coming back and that she lucky she was out now. We kissed her forehead and stroked her hair for a little bit. Some folk were pretty distraught but it didnt register much. We had told people from the beginning that this was would happen if people kept doing what they were doing.

Then we were moved on, everything just a blur.