May 06, 2016

why is my face sore from smiling so much?

Had 'not allowed' issues last year whenever we thought of buying a hose to water the pots in the garden. Really essential as carrying water is painful and isnt going to happen a lot. Got one this year year and we have given everything a soaking the last few days. Its looking good. If we are going to continue to be stuck here over summer at least I will have some flowers. The owl hanging planter came and is adorable. Have been soaking the Japanese Maple because we think we remember Margo saying they hate too much food and we did feed it and since then it looks even worse than it did.. Might have to give up on it.. Apart from that we are very proud of our little garden and the oh god that is so much better green kitchen.

Wish we could buy more! We need another cast iron garden bracket. Of course we do its completely necessary.  But we have spent the last of our cash on electric and weed and dont get more til Tuesday and its skint week so yeah usual blah..

It's was so good getting that time with them in Dundee with them. It was life saving. So grateful to everyone who helped give us all that time together. Got it was mental at times. They tried to starve us out so fuck it I went on a Morrisions run. It was horrific. Didn't have time to look to closely or count but think it was mostly Scots that died. There was others tanned or Latino on the bridge who weren't all suicidal. Funnily enough it wasn't Brits that were going to take us on on that bridge we remember thinking as we stretched out our calf muscles on the path before starting the run over. It kinda sickened us. Whoever was there had no idea what was about to come at them. Did one of them say something about Palermo? After two or three went down. They hadnt realised it was me it was anyway and wouldnt of agreed to it if they had known. They held the bridge for us and made it a lot easier on the way back. We caught some of us being disappointed that we werent going to have to fight and slaughter our way back over.. which also kinda sickened us but its not surprising.

Back in the two cooked chickens, smoothie, salad counter stuff and Morrison's fancy potato salad which prompted accusations of buying into stereotypes which prompted us to say fuck off its mine and try it anyway its good stuff, the kind with whole baby potatoes and cream.. It was all very much needed and appreciated but we did get moaned at for only bringing back one bottle of wine..

We had to explain what the fuck had happened the next morning of course. No one had moved any bodies. Dude was delighted to meet the girls. Truly. It blew them away a bit seeing his reaction to them to.