May 16, 2016

"Dude he's from South African stop calling him nigger. He flinches every fucking time"

Hi Trevor (Not Nelson. Unless you want our name and then I guess it would be),

Cherry blossoms are blowing around about outside, beautiful. We are waiting for Niall to call as we have no baccy.. We spent most the money he gave us last Monday on weed. Not really making much effort to do fuck all.

Pabs started talking about inviting kids to birthday party we havent said he can have again today which led to us both getting upset. He said he would do all the work. We haven't exactly got him in the habit of doing chores. "Put on clothes" is hard enough most days..

It's our birthday tomorrow. That's not going to make it any easier.

My dad would come to see us on our birthday when we out in the hills with mum. It was great and he was so happy to see us look so healthy and tanned. Even more so know that we have been able to think about the compounds and the institute of horror we appreciate all that time. How it felt to wake up safe and then wonder outside the tent to circle of other tents in a big circle around where the fire went at night with hills and  open land behind and sky above. Awesome.

It's a beautiful evening tonight but our outside comfortable seat is bust so we are just enjoying it through the glass.

Joints and muscles are aching hope is just passing roughness not the start of a nasty cold. On top of the constant pain the really bad patches particularly, a cold is unbelievable misery..

Not so bad is someone is around to give even little bits of care though.

Were really hurting. Did just get a giggle when we remembered making a joke in a restaurant, "Yea its not so much first first dates as fifty million dates with the same bitch." and you chocked quite badly but didnt seem to mind.

Gonna put bath the on. Great when we dont need heating means there is more gas money for baths. Got Bio Oil thankfully as we were out in the sun a lot during those days it was really nice.

Really glad tomorrow is cash day we can spliff up and order rose related things on Amazon. Docs appointment in the morning means we will have to be near shops so we might mange to eat in the a.m.. you never know!


Love you.